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Roman Reigns Re-signs with WWE

According to ProWrestlingSheet, the “Big Dog” isn’t going anywhere. Roman Reigns re-signed with WWE this week for an undisclosed number of years. For the foreseeable future, Reigns will stick around WWE. The 34-year-old Reigns has been on the WWE main roster since 2013. 

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Super J Cup Bracket Announced

Fresh on the heels of the G1 Climax’s conclusion, NJPW has released the bracket of their next tournament. The Super J Cup is a knockout-style tournament showcasing NJPW’s best junior heavyweight competitors. It will be the first Super J Cup since 2016. The bracket includes stars like Will Ospreay, Bushi, El Phantasmo & TJP. Take a look at the bracket below (h/t CagesideSeats):

The Super J Cup is taking place on the west coast of the United States. Shows will take place August 22nd, 24th, & 25th in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. 

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Cody Says AEW Roster “40% Revealed”

All Elite Wrestling is not done revealing their roster. Executive Vice President Cody recently revealed on Twitter that AEW has only announced about 40% of their roster.

AEW’s roster seems to be growing after every Being The Elite episode. Orange Cassidy was their latest signing, being announced earlier this week. Working through the math, AEW could still be announcing 50-60 wrestlers. Keep your eyes peeled as the roster continues to roll out.

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