If you are a New England Patriots fan, you have heard them all. Some use the term ‘obnoxious.’ Others prefer the moniker ‘fair-weather.’ There is even the dreaded label of ‘bandwagon.’ (…And those are just the ‘family-friendly’ terms for Pats fans). Despite the good fortune that has surrounded Foxborough, Massachusetts for the past eighteen years, the history of the Patriots is one that involves defeat as much as victory. Perhaps an understanding of the franchise’s history might make some of the uninformed a bit more likely to opt for respect, as opposed to hate? 

That could be wishful thinking… 

However, it will more than adequately explain why the New England Patriots fan base is among the most intensely loyal in all of professional sports. Those that remember the leaner days (1-15 in 1990, anyone?) can cement their true fandom by imparting the wisdom of ‘enjoying the moment’ to the younger generation. At the very least, it bonds a group of people together with one common interest …It’s New England versus Everybody.   

With a Passion

Still, the Patriots fan base is not unique in that regard.  As a whole, NFL fans are staunchly passionate about their respective teams, and rightfully so. From Green Bay, to Dallas, to San Francisco, to Pittsburgh, and New York (speaking here of the Giants, that is,) fans enjoy a rich tradition of success and greatness that has been passed from generation to generation. In an age of increased opportunities for travel and communication, fan bases are restrained less-and-less by simple geography.  With the prevalence of social media throughout our everyday lives, sports fans are now connected with the greatest of ease.

Every now and then, a fan can stand out from the rest. Often times, it is for the wrong reasons. Hate, disrespect, condescension and snark are far too frequently found in today’s world of social media sports fandom. However, for every despicable ‘keyboard warrior’ that exists in today’s sports landscape, there is a fan who treats everyone with respect. For this fan, it is more important to create a heartwarming smile, than to seek an additional follower (or two) with an attention-seeking comment.  This fan lifts spirits, when others seek to destroy them. It is why this fan is so beloved by his peers.

Meet New England Patriots ‘superfan’ Jaspinder ‘Jas’ Singh of Toronto, Canada.  

A Cut Above

A native of Canada, Jas (known on Twitter as “Turbaned Patriot”) truly sets the example of a fan that all should aspire to follow. Anyone with the privilege of knowing him can attest to the positivity he exudes each and every day. Referring to his friends within the New England fan base as ‘family’ Jas whole-heartedly embodies that familial spirit. When his beloved Patriots suffer a loss, he is the first to offer a positive thought to lighten the mood of Patriots Nation. On a personal level, he is always the first to lend a supportive message, and a helping hand to those in need. His genuine, kind-hearted nature has earned him the love and respect of friends and family. To them, he is more than just a fan; he is a much-loved man…a beloved friend and brother. 

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That being said, it is certainly evident that Jas is proud of the team for which he loves to cheer.  Having moved to the United States (New Jersey, to be exact) in 1995, Jas became a fan of NFL football…and the red, white and blue of the New England Patriots. Having followed them in the days before Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, his fandom began long before Lombardi Trophy-silver became the unofficial color of New England. In witnessing the team’s first Super Bowl championship in 2001 (technically won in February 2002), he formed a kinship with the New England fan base. Jas could identify with a team that defied the odds. The underdog Patriots defeating the “Greatest Show on Turf” on the grandest of all stages left an indelible impression on him.  He was no longer just cheering for his favorite team, he was now cheering for the Super Bowl Champions. Since that day, Jas has lived by the philosophy of treasuring the good in every situation.

03 Feb 2002: Owner / chairman Bob Kraft of the New England Patriots holds up the trophy during post-game celebration of Superbowl XXXVI at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Patriots defeated the Rams 20-17. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Al Bello/Getty Images

The path on which he trods, however, is not always smooth. Indicative by his Twitter handle, Jas proudly and rightfully embraces his ethnicity, as well as his Patriots fandom. Unfortunately, each is subject to the ridicule of the bigoted and cowardly. While behavior of this type is understandably hurtful, he remains undaunted in his dedication to his team and his family; choosing to remain positive and righteous. Simply visit his Twitter timeline and one will find dozens upon dozens of inspirational quotes and all-encompassing words of encouragement.   

Extended Family

In addition to the affection and admiration of his “Pats Fam” (as Jas calls them), he has also made an impression on the team, itself. He has published several Patriots’ motivational videos on social media, ranging in topics from Super Bowl hype messages, to tributes for Patriots Hall of Fame inductees, such as 2018-enshrinee Matt Light.  Since 2017, Jas has also submitted several slogans for the team’s consideration. Even when national and local media seem convinced that the Patriots’ dynasty is nearing its sunset, Jas’ positivity remains steadfast. It is evident in his use of hashtags such as #SightsOnSix (now #SightsOnSeven) and #StillNotDone. Like the team he proudly supports, he is always in pursuit of the ‘next one.’

The New England Patriots are an organization that prides itself on treating its fans as extended family. Although he returned to Canada in 2009, Jas’ heart has remained in New England. With the 2019 season set to begin in just over three weeks, he will be supporting his team. Rather than bashing the Patriots’ opponents, Jas will be singing the Pats’ praises. With the support of his “Pats Fam,” he will continue to remain positive, even in the face of adversity. His fandom will remain true; neither motivated by fame, nor a desire to join the bandwagon. Instead, he will proceed with integrity. His is a mission to inspire, encourage and unite. Like his beloved New England Patriots, Jaspinder Singh will ‘do his job’…and he will do so with all his heart.  


–Mike D’Abate is a Managing Editor and Columnist for Full Press Coverage. He covers the New England Patriots and provides NFL editorial content. He is also the host of the Locked On Patriots podcast. Follow him on Twitter @mdabateFPC

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