Fantasy Football is one of the most entertaining ‘escapes from life’ one can get. Watching the game you love while having something on the line is breathtaking. One of the best parts is that anybody can enjoy it and you can surround yourself with people you never would otherwise. However, with that also comes a downfall.

Unfortunately, not every fantasy football player you meet will be enriched with football knowledge or have an understanding of the right and wrongs of fantasy. Most of the time, you can get a grasp on how much somebody knows about fantasy football when they complete a trade because sometimes, there are very bad trades.

Recently, I surveyed and asked some followers anonymously what were some of the worst trades they have ever seen in their leagues. Including the trade I saw recently go down in my league and ultimately inspired me to write this article, I will rank five of the worst trades in fantasy football.

5. Julio Jones and Alvin Kamara for Michael Thomas

Sure, there is a clear winner here, but at the end of the day, the recipient of Michael Thomas only went from two stars to one.

However, this one made the list because of the very fact they had to give up two stars. Somehow, in this 12 team league, someone managed to draft Julio Jones and Alvin Kamara. This team, unless they butchered the rest, had to be a favorite to win the league. Instead, an hour after the draft, they decided to trade their two-star duo for a player they probably could have taken with one of their two picks, Michael Thomas.

Michael Thomas is my #1 WR in 2019, but Alvin Kamara is my #1 RB and running backs tend to hold more value. This was a bad trade.

No, I am not Saints fan.

4. Ezekiel Elliott for Jarvis Landry

Sure, this trade may not look too bad at the moment because it looks like Ezekiel Elliott will miss a lot, if not all, of time in 2019.

Ken Blaze / USA TODAY Sports

The risk of taking Elliott in the first round has increased exponentially and I am sure many owners of him would love to get him off their hands. However, why in week 2 of the preseason are you trading him for Jarvis Landry?

Landry is a great player, do not get me wrong, but in a crowded Browns offense full of pass-catchers, is he worth replacing your first pick? Absolutely not. Elliott should have more trade value than Landry at this point of the off-season. There is still some slight optimism that Elliott will receive a new contract by the start of the season and even if he does not, who knows if he is just bluffing?

There is just too much uncertainty at this point in the off-season to trade a top of the line running back for this lackluster amount of value.

3. Alvin Kamara for James White, Jared Cook, and N’Keal Harry

Yikes, this was bad. And yes, this was the trade that happened in my league two days ago. Also, this may not look too bad on paper, but this was in a 16 team league.

Imagine picking at the top of the draft of a 16 team league, taking the fourth-best player in all of football, and trading him 30 minutes after the draft for three players who were all drafted after the 5th round.

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Every player involved in the trade besides Kamara raises question marks. Will James White‘s role be taken over by Sony Michel or even other Patriots RBs? Can Jared Cook continue at his current pace for much longer? Will N’Keal Harry even see playing time?

Not only does this trade leave you with Jarvis Landry as your second-best player (ironic that he comes up again), but it practically gives the recipient of Kamara a free trip to the playoffs.

There’s no way this trade should have gone down. To make matters worse, the recipient of Kamara was indeed the commissioner therefore, the multi number vetoes were all dismissed as he upheld the trade.

Not only was this trade horrible, but the league itself was ruined by horrible integrity displayed by the league commissioner. I have yet to decide if I will abandon this team yet, but who knows, a nice challenge is always fun.

2. Patrick Mahomes and Sony Michel for Jimmy Garoppolo (2018)

I could help but include this in the article even though it was completed last year.

Before the start of the season, nobody would have thought Patrick Mahomes would have been as dominant as he was and even I had Jimmy Garoppolo ahead of him. But can you imagine looking back at this trade after Garoppolo’s injury?

Patrick Mahomes was the best fantasy player in 2018 and it was a mistake made by every owner who gave him up. In addition, Sony Michel had an impressive season as well.

All across the board, this was a horrible trade and the name Mahomes should tell you just about everything you need to know about this one.

1. Cam Newton, Todd Gurley, and Alvin Kamara for Tom Brady

Wow. Somebody must be a New England fan. This is very clearly at the top of the worst fantasy football trades.

Chuck Cook / USA TODAY Sports

When I received this message, I actually laughed out loud. In what world would this trade make sense? I have no idea, but clearly, somebody missed out on Tom Brady and was willing to do anything to get him. In this case, I usually just tell people to draft them in the first round so you do not spend too much trying to trade for them.

On every level, this will likely be the worst trade completed in this league. Sure, Cam Newton brings injury concerns as does Todd Gurley, but Kamara for Brady straight up is a bad trade. Then you get the two others who could end up being top 5 scorers at their respective positions.

I do not think Tom Brady will have as much effect on this person’s team as they hope and will likely find themselves in this fantasy league’s toilet bowl.

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  1. work league, 14 team standard about half teams know what they are doing, a few don’t touch lineups ever. We should have had undroppables set but this lady drops baker mayfield one week, then this week d. hopkins and j. jacobs for some random back ups that have upside week to week. possibly the worst ff moves ive ever seen, but i stole hopkins on waivers! my power rankings swung 6 spots overnight. not sure who is telling this person what to do but its insanity. legit thought my app was broke seeing hopkins avail he went like 8th pick of our draft.

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