WWE NXT Recap: August 14, 2019

A.K.A The One Where Jordan Myles Broke Out

This episode of NXT was taped just before NXT Takeover: Toronto this past weekend so the crowd will be hot for both matches scheduled to take place. In the first bout, Breezango will take on the Forgotten Sons in tag team action. And in the main event, Cameron Grimes will face Jordan Myles in the finals of the NXT Breakout Tournament. NXT is sure to recap the awesome Takeover show from this past weekend and announce some exciting matchups to come. All of that and more, tonight on WWE NXT.


  • Breezango def. The Forgotten Sons
  • Jordan Myles def. Cameron Grimes
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Match of the Night: Jordan Myles def. Cameron Grimes

Not at all the result I expected. Jordan Myles has had some lackluster matches in the tournament and Cameron Grimes has a terrible finisher and really doesn’t seem like he fits into the mold of NXT. I’m shocked that this match wasn’t Isaiah “Swerve” Scott facing Angel Garza.

With that said, these two had a decent match. It was a clash of personalities in this one as Jordan Myles is the exuberant and flashy wrestler. On the other hand, Cameron Grimes is serious and rugged. Grimes got the advantage early on in the match and took complete control, grinding down Myles with various hold and strikes. He worked over Myles but failed to target a specific area so Myles was able to turn things around and hit a massive Penalty Kick on the apron that started his offensive onslaught.

Jordan Myles was able to display his athleticism but was flattened by Grimes, who was desperate to gain the victory. When Myles got the advantage and a two-count, he showed genuine frustration, a far cry from the usual smile he always has, which is my least favorite thing about him.

The finish came when Cameron Grimes hit a massive roundhouse kick and tried to whip Jordan Myles to the corner, but Myles caught himself with a slide and proceeded to hit a vicious looking Brainbuster and 450 Splash for the win. 

After the victory, William Regal came out and presented Jordan Myles with a contract. What he said to Myles was inaudible but this now sets the stage for Jordan Myles to challenge for whatever championship he wants to.

Three Thoughts:

Takeover Rewind

NXT opened with an epic video package recapping the entirety on NXT Takeover: Toronto. NXT does this after every Takeover show but it just never gets old. This one is well worth the time to track down and watch. It made every match feel important and must-see.

The music that was played over the video gave it an aura that heightened the intensity and meshed wonderfully with Mauro Ronallo’s voice on commentary. The ending bit that showed the main event was definitely the highlight of the whole show because when the video pauses during that insane jump from the cage through the tables… goosebumps. 

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Reunited And It Feels So Good

Breezango made their in-ring return against the Forgotten Sons and it was an amazing re-introduction of the duo. Breeze and ‘Dango came out clad in black and silver tights and looking awesome. The match wasn’t too much to write home about. It was just a match used to get some attention on Breezango and serve as a return match for Fandango. 

Speaking of Fandango, this match also reminded me why Fandango is one of my favorite wrestlers. Wrestling is more than just in-ring prowess, promo ability, or the way you look. Wrestling is about entertainment. There aren’t many performers in the industry that are more entertaining than Fandango and I am very excited to see how he and Tyler Breeze are showcased in NXT. Dispelling of the Forgotten Sons was step one. I’m looking forward to what comes next for the true King of Hip Gyrations and Prince Pretty.

Revolutionary War pt. 2

Following an incredible triple threat match for the NXT North American Championship at NXT Takeover: Toronto, Pete Dunne was interviewed by Cathy Kelley about the loss. Dunne made his intentions clear: he wants that title and there’s nothing Velveteen Dream can do about it.

There’s something about Pete Dunne’s voice that just makes his promos sound badass and awesome. His delivery was masterful and his proclamation that he wants the North American Championship sets up a dream feud (no pun intended) for me. As you all know, I’m the biggest Pete Dunne fan on this side of the pond. Him winning the North American Championship is ideal for me and I really hope it happens at the next Takeover event. 

Grade: B

NXT was just a recap show this week but featured exciting looks at Takeover: Toronto, had two good matches, and featured some post-Takeover backstage content that was interesting. The opening video package set the stage for a show full of recaps but was epic enough that it didn’t matter. Breezango were electric in their in-ring return and wildly over with the Toronto crowd. The backstage interviews progressed storylines moving forward and were really well done. Finally, Jordan Myles had a strong display in his victory over Cameron Grimes to win the NXT Breakout Tournament. As always, NXT gets a great grade and you need to watch it. Class dismissed.

One More Thing:

Cathy Kelley caught up with Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly after their match at NXT Takeover: Toronto and they were not pleased. They claimed they were robbed of the NXT Tag Team Championships because of referee incompetence. Their claim would prove to be valid as a different camera angle shows that Fish did indeed tag into the match before O’Reilly was pinned. The shocking revelation should lead to another match between the two teams and I am not opposed to the idea at all. 

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