When looking at these two teams from a strictly geographical standpoint, you’d think there would be more interaction between the two teams.

Unfortunately, it’s been mostly preseason action and forces of nature when it comes to a Tampa Bay Buccaneers/ Miami Dolphins history. For the last two decades, the Buccaneers and Dolphins have meet every Preseason with the exception of a few seasons. Beyond that it’s been a 6-5 series lead in favor of the Buccaneers since 1970 in regular season play.

When we look at a NFC team and an AFC team in the big picture, it’s not exactly as consequential as you would think. I mean, every game is crucial in today’s NFL. It just comes down to tie breakers and out of Division and out of Conference is a ways down on the list of priority tie breakers. Since there has yet to be a Miami and Tampa Bay Super Bowl in the history of the league, let’s look off the field for a good moment in history.

Hurricane Irma

If you don’t live in Florida, or anywhere in the Gulf, then you may not fully appreciate the weather these states must endure. Constant heat and high humidity index, combined with frequent storms. These are just another regular day to Floridians. The downside is the first set of ingredients for what science deems as the “most dangerous storms on Earth”. In other words, Hurricanes.

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In 2017, ownership was nearing the end of renovations for the home stadium in hopes to draw a bigger crowd. The season was just around the corner and a new look Raymond James Stadium was going to be revealed. Little did they know that also around the corner, literally I might add, was a storm that would derail the season. On August 30th, Hurricane Irma was formed and was expected to hit Florida as a category 5 storm in the coming weeks. Not a good sign for anyone in the area. Much less for a football game.

Per usual, the NFL and schedule makers leaned towards the side of caution and canceled week one between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dolphins. It would later be rescheduled to November 9th where the Buccaneers would leave Hardrock stadium with the road victory. So things could have been worse. The Buccaneers could have lost on top of it all. However, the reschedule did have residual effects on the team.

Bye-Bye, Bye

Why couldn’t the NFL just give both teams a tie or a free win? Because that’s not realistic, maybe? Instead, with the game being rescheduled to November 9th, both teams had to forfeit their bye. Week one was treated as their bye week. Not ideal. Bye weeks are supposed to break up the long, 17 week season for teams. Rest and recovery are crucial in this game and both teams were robbed of that luxury. It’s nobody’s fault (except mother nature) but it definitely was a blow to both teams 2017 season.

Things won’t get better for either team moving forward. As long as they reside in the great state of Florida, they will be home of the Hurricanes. No, not the beloved NCCA Miami Hurricanes. The destructive and life altering storms that love to wreak havoc for the Gulf states.


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