The Raiders defeated the Arizona Cardinals, 33-26. While the score may not matter, what happened during the course of the game does matter. In a summer that appears slower and slower, the Raiders sit roughly three weeks from the start of the 2019 season.

Crisp Passing

Despite only throwing passes, Derek Carr continued to succeed within the confines of the Gruden offense. More importantly, he walked off the field free of any injury.

Four to Go

With just four rushes, Josh Jacobs tallied 21 yards. Jacobs displayed the burst in a relatively small sample. These moments help give the rookie his bearings when navigating the NFL.


During the Reggie McKenzie Era, he chose to completely ignore the speed aspect of wide receivers. Granted, Al Davis solely focused on the vertical thread. With that said, and to their credit, Gruden and Mayock appear interested in incorporating a deep threat. In last night’s game, the Raiders decided to test the Cardinals. The Raiders decided this during the backup portion. Mike Glennon found Rico Gafford on a 53-yard pass for a touchdown. Whether Gafford claims a spot or not, Jon Gruden wasn’t the Raiders to play with a sense of instant aggression.

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When Brandon Parker started in 2018 after Donald Penn’s injury, The Raiders need to test the rookie. Parker appeared initially slow and underpowered. In his defense, he fought to stay in front of defenders. After spending time with Gabe Jackson in Mississippi, Parker put on effective weight. As a result, his base widened and he used a much better punch.


After two games, although both preseason tilts, versus depth, the rookie from UAB continues to make plays. Enjoying another great game, Rush will make the Raiders give him a great reason to release him. At worst, he provides them back end tackle depth. In the best case, he remains a rotational player with strength and force.

The Raiders won a preseason game 33-26. More importantly, we began to see depth unfold. With key deserves, Oakland can keep starters fresher.


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