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Everybody loves to make predictions for the NFL season. With the regular season getting closer, it’s time to start making our predictions for the Chiefs 2019 53 man roster. We will be going position-by-position, starting things off with the quarterbacks. Let’s get it going.

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Quarterbacks on the current roster: Patrick Mahomes, Chad Henne, Chase Litton, Kyle Shurmur

MVP Follow Up

Patrick Mahomes lived up to the hype in his first year as the starter. His ability to create wow plays out of nowhere elevated the Chiefs in clutch moments from years past. Mahomes finished the regular season last year with 5,097 passing yards and 50 passing touchdowns. That 50 TD season was just the third time a quarterback had eclipsed that mark in NFL history. His big time play in big moments carried the Chiefs to their first home playoff win in a quarter-century, as well as an AFC Championship Game appearance. Despite the loss to the Patriots, Mahomes exceeded expectations on the field and grew as a leader among his teammates.

Now entering 2019 as the NFL’s reigning MVP, the expectations have grown. It’s not about just winning the AFC West anymore. This season has now been described as “Super Bowl or Bust.” Mahomes and the Chiefs could very well be the most explosive offense in the league. Will Mahomes regress? He probably will somewhat. But, defenses may still have trouble with his nuances and fakes that could force them to freeze in space. Along with Mahomes, Andy Reid has turned the offensive playbook up a notch for the season. While winning the MVP again would be tough to do, is it really out of the question for this year?

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The Backups

Chad Henne was brought in last year, in part to help Mahomes learn how to prepare each week for a game. To me, part of that help from Henne is still going to be important this year. Henne is also the only backup quarterback I expect the Chiefs to carry. His experience around the league and playing ability is still superior to Chase Litton/Kyle Shurmur.

Last year the Chiefs moved to carrying only two active quarterbacks, due to wanting to carry more players at other positions. I do think this is important for the Chiefs deep roster. Between Shurmur and Litton, it has been Shurmur who has excelled more in opportunities during training camp or preseason games. His arm strength is a bit weaker than Litton’s. But, Shurmur has been more accurate and precise in seemingly any situation. While he likely doesn’t make the 53 man roster, I think Shurmur does have a good chance of being carried on the Chiefs practice squad when it’s all said and done.

Final Depth Chart:

1) Patrick Mahomes

2) Chad Henne

Practice Squad: Kyle Shurmur

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  1. Wait, so Shurmur has outperformed Litton? Litton is 20-30 for 209 yards (66.7%) with 2 TD and one INT. Shurmur is 10-24 for 106 yards (41.7%) with one TD through the first two preseason games. In what insane world does that equate to ‘more accurate and precise in seemingly any situation”? Litton is crushing Shurmur.

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