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Conflict Reports On WWE Toning Down The Fiend?

Bray Wyatt’s Fiend character has been one of the hottest attractions in WWE. Now, the character might be dialed back in it’s presentation. According to Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda, WWE wants to tone down The Fiend to be “more audience-friendly”.

The Fiend, alter-ego of Bray Wyatt, has been presented as something out of a horror film. His appearance at Summerslam included a new theme and Wyatt lantern head. The lantern being removed is being considered, as well as making Wyatt more of a “special attraction” so he does not appear as often. 

On Raw this week, The Fiend did not seem toned down. He came out to the same horror music and attacked Jerry Lawler. Wyatt himself even disputed the claims on social media. Time will tell if The Fiend does get toned down, or if he will continue to terrorize.

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AEW Announced Fourth & Fifth Show Locations

All Elite Wrestling is going west. In the latest Being The Elite, AEW announced it’s next two locations for television tapings. AEW’s fourth show will be in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their fifth show will be in Charleston, West Virginia. 

These shows follow the first three episodes in Washington, Boston & Philadelphia. AEW on TNT starts on Wednesday, October 2nd at 8 pm. To watch the whole episode of Being The Elite, see below.

Tony Schiavone to AEW

The former voice of WCW is coming to AEW. PWInsider reports that Tony Schiavone has been signed to All Elite Wrestling, though his role is currently unknown. The report also says WWE was interested in signing Schiavone into their fold.

Schiavone is also signed to Major League Wrestling, and reports indicate he will continue to work there. Known best as the lead announcer of WCW Nitro, working at WCW from 1990-2001.

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