WWE NXT Recap: August 21, 2019

A.K.A The One Where Killian Dain Killed Matt Riddle

This episode of NXT is the first from the tapings post-NXT Takeover: Toronto. There are four matches set to take place. In the first bout, Damian Priest will take on Monsoor in singles action. Following that is Mia Yim taking on Vanessa Borne. Shane Thorne takes on the NXT Breakout Tournament standout Bronson Reed. In the main event, Killian Dain and Matt Riddle finally get to do battle in the ring. NXT is sure to recap the awesome Takeover show from this past weekend and announce some exciting matchups to come. All of that and more, tonight on WWE NXT.

  • Damian Priest def. Monsoor
  • Mia Yim def. Vanessa Borne
  • Shane Thorne def. Bronson Reed
  • Killian Dain def. Matt Riddle

Match of the Night: Killian Dain def. Matt Riddle

This match started on fire and did not stop. Killian Dain came out first and immediately assaulted from behind by Matt Riddle. With his ribs bandaged, Riddle brought a barrage of strikes to Dain, leaving him reeling early. Riddle was beating Dain inside and outside of the ring until the big man gained the advantage with a strong crossbody.

Dain worked on Riddle’s injured ribs with strikes and stretches. Riddle threw strikes to get distance but Dain kept going. The Original Bro countered a Suplex attempt into his own Fisherman Suplex and took control from there. Riddle threw unprotected shots to the head before Dain was able to counter. When Riddle attempted a crucifix hold, Dain broke free but ate a German Suplex as a result. Dain came back and landed multiple Cannonballs into the corner and tried to hit a Senton only to get caught in a submission. Riddle was forced to break the hold but hit a Powerbomb and a massive knee strike for a near fall.

Things started breaking down when the two battled to the outside and Dain dropped Riddle face-first onto the stairs and then hit a major senton onto the stairs and a Vader Bomb off of the apron. Dain threw Riddle back into the ring and hit a trio of Vader Bombs to pick up the victory. 

Matt Riddle would not give up after the match ended and rushed after Killian Dain up the ramp and jumped on his back to close the show. In a backstage video after the show, the two were brawling outside the arena. Things ended when Dain hit a senton onto a ladder.

Three Thoughts:

NXT opened with the Undisputed Era coming out in celebration of Adam Cole’s title defense at NXT Takeover: Toronto but also in protest of being screwed at the same event. Adam Cole called himself the greatest NXT Champion of all time, saying that former champions like Tomasso Ciampa, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Finn Balor weren’t on his level.

Roderick Strong grabbed the mic and called out in protest of his loss in the triple threat match for the NXT North American Championship at Takeover: Toronto. Strong said that since Velveteen Dream didn’t pin him, he deserved a shot at the belt that he claims should be his.

Latest Wrestling News:

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When Roddy was done whining, Kyle O’Reilly took the mic and played the footage of he and Bobby Fish getting screwed of the NXT Tag Team Championships at Takeover: Toronto. Fish tagged himself into the match but it was O’Reilly that was pinned for the victory. They demanded that NXT General Manager William Regal give them what they rightfully deserve: another shot at the Street Profits.

NXT is setting up for Undisputed Era to have all of the gold. With the move to the USA Network coming, it wouldn’t be surprising if they shocked the system and won all of the gold.

Jordan Smiles

As the group was walking up the ramp, out came Jordan Myles to cash in his title shot against Adam Cole. Cole said he would “break the stupid smile off” of his face if he made the mistake of wasting his title opportunity against Cole. The champ was very clear when he stated that he would make Myles’s career an “undisputed failure.” Myles didn’t back down, dropping the contract in front of Cole and making his intentions clear. 

Four Horsewomen?

Mia Yim beat Vanessa Borne is a quick and rather uneventful match. The real story here is what happened after the bell rang. NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler came out and talked up how far Yim pushed her at NXT Takeover: Toronto. As Baszler walked down the ramp, Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke appeared behind Yim. Baszler offered Yim a spot in their stable, an offer Yim quickly turned down by assaulting Duke before getting jumped by the other two women.

The program between these two isn’t over and with the rise of Io Shirai in her new character, it is possible that Yim could be the perfect transitional champion to get the belt off of Baszler and onto Shirai. 

The Undisputed Dream

Called out by Roderick Strong earlier in the night, Velveteen Dream arrived on his sofa throne to respond. The Dream let it be known he will always be on top. Dream said that the spotlight is now and Strong and that he has to give the Dream an experience he’s never had before. He told him to hurry up or else… Dream over.

This is an interesting turn of events as it seemed only last week that they were hinting at a feud between Velveteen Dream and Pete Dunne. If Strong does get the opportunity first and wins the belt, the feud with the Bruiserweight is ready-made and I’m here for it. 

Grade: B+

NXT jammed a lot into this episode and it ended up working. The promo by the Undisputed Era was great as per usual. They set up three different programs with a solid five-minute promo and it is incredibly impressive. Damian Priest continued to have the best presence in all of professional wrestling. His match with Monsoor was a surprising little gem of a match and I recommend watching it. Mia Yim and Shayna Baszler continuing their program was unexpected but was done decently. I’m a fan of cowardly Shane Thorne. The backstage promo with Bronson Reed before their match was well done.

The match itself was nothing to write home about, however, the two had chemistry when verbally provoking each other. The Dream is the most entertaining person in the world. Him putting Roderick Strong on notice while sitting on a sofa was immensely entertaining. Finally, Killian Dain killed Matt Riddle. It was really fun to watch the video of their brawl outside of Full Sail. As always, NXT gets a great grade and you need to watch it. Class dismissed.

One More Thing:

NXT announced Dominik Dijakovic vs. Keith Lee for next week. This rematch of their stellar bout from February that ended in a double count-out. Dijakovic has been sidelined for a few months following a knee injury. However, these two have a story built for them and should go out and deliver an incredible match. 

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