When the league decided to send the Oakland Raiders to Winnipeg for their third game, few knew what would occur. With that said, the Raiders defeated the Green Bay Packers, 22-21, in front of a sparse Manitoba crowd. The victory raises the team’s preseason record to 3-0, for whatever that matters. In the big picture, it does not. Yet, the feeling of building success remains an important lesson.

80 Yards

If you watched the broadcast, one story dominated the night. Due to atrocious field conditions, the teams agreed to cut the field down to 80 yards. Now, they may not appear like a great deal, yet the timing on vertical passes did not feel crisp. More importantly, the turf looked raggedy and players either lost their footing or cleats became ensnared. In all honesty, if the teams and league agreed to cancel the game, no one, except the crowd would mind.


Despite our snickers and shade, Nathan Peterman continues to construct a functional summer. For years, the clip of Jon Gruden extolling his virtues made their way around the landscape. Yet, once again, Peterman cobbled together a fairly strong game. Although, his yards per attempt fell below six, Peterman orchestrated drives that ended up with point. More specifically, his two touchdown passes displayed a relative ease with the offense.

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Despite arriving as an undrafted player, Doss excelled in camp. Moreover, he fought his way up the depth chart. With Brown, Williams, and Renfrow seemingly occupying the top three spots, Doss’ game film makes him tough to deny. Meanwhile, the back end of the depth chart plays right into his hands. Ironically, those same hands caught a variety of different passes, from different angles and patterns. Doss will work with Derek Carr.


With one more game left in the preseason, the Oakland Raiders still need to make cuts. As a result, they will probably release talented players. The roster’s rigidity prevents from hoarding players; The only position that looks thing is linebackers. Behind the probable starting three, the rest lack twitch. Under those consequences, the team must scour the waiver wire and keep an eye out for quality linebackers.

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