WWE NXT Recap: August 28, 2019

A.K.A The One Where A Title Win Is Overshadowed By A Great Match

This episode of NXT is jam-packed with action, as three matches are slated to take place. The first is Io Shirai taking on Cami Fields. The second is the highly anticipated rematch between Dominik Dijakovic and Keith Lee. The main event of the evening is the NXT Tag Tag Championship rematch between the Street Profits and the Undisputed Era. All of that and more, tonight on WWE NXT.


  • Io Shirai def. Cami Fields
  • Dominik Dijakovic def. Keith Lee
  • Undisputed Era def. Street Profits (c) 
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Match of the Night: Dominik Dijakovic def. Keith Lee


These two go back to the independent scene when they tore it up across the country. Things got really heated between the two when they faced each other in February, a contest that ended in a double count-out. Dijakovic went down with a torn meniscus in his knee shortly after the contest and has only recently returned.

The attitude difference between the two was evident from the start of the match, as Keith Lee was basking in the chants of the crowd while Dijakovic just wanted to get the match started. The two traded major shots with each other, each getting the upper hand early on. It was a true heavyweight contest as they had tests of strength early, but not in the traditional way, using suplexes and whips as a way to fight for strength supremacy. 

Dijakovic went to the top rope again but Keith Lee met him up there and hit a monstrous Avalanche Spanish Fly for a shocking two count. This was when the crowd exploded, fully getting behind the two wrestlers, giving them a “Fight Forever” chant. Lee then went for a Moonsault this time but Dijakovic hit him with a Superkick and then lifted him for Feast Your Eyes for the win. 

The Undisputed Era won the Tag Team Championships but these two stole the show. 

Three Thoughts:

Psycho of the Sky

NXT opened with Io Shirai defeating Cami Fields. The character change of Shirai has been interesting to watch, as her little mannerisms evolve every time she steps in the ring. Her entrance showed off her shift into her broken mind by making her seem crazy. During the match, facial expressions were those of a crazy woman. After she hit her moonsault and had it won, she stopped the count and put in her new finisher, a submission hold similar to Sami Zayn’s Koji Clutch.

Shirai went to walk up the ramp, but stopped herself and turned back to grab a kendo stick to beat Fields with. Before she could anything, however, Candice LeRae came running in to grab the weapon and landed a few hits with it. Io ran up the ramp like a crazy woman, smiling at the fact that she had drawn the ire of LeRae. I love the way her character is evolving and I am all in on a rematch between these two.

Aussie Badass

A video of the Horsewomen’s attack on Mia Yim aired as the group came out to the ring. Before Shayna Baszler could say a word, Rhea Ripley from NXT UK came out and stole the mic from her hand. She kept her statement short and sweet by saying, “I know what you’re going to say. You’re going to say that you’ve beaten everyone here. Well, you haven’t beaten me, b***h.”

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This feud has major potential and made Ripley look like the ultimate badass. I’m also intrigued by the crossover between NXT and NXT UK. With Pete Dunne coming back to NXT, Moustache Mountain winning the tag title last year, and now Rhea Ripley stepping up to Shayna Baszler, this a trend that I’m very intrigued in, especially if it leads to a brand versus brand type match.

Righting the Wrong

The Undisputed Era finally got their rematch for the NXT Tag Team Championships. In the match, they defeated the Street Profits to become the first-ever three-time champions in NXT history. The match was on par with their NXT Takeover: Toronto match, with the Street Profits going on offense in a desperate way, like they HAVE to win the match. O’Reilly and Fish targeted the legs of both members of the Street Profits.

In the closing sequence of the match, Fish drilled Angelo Dawkins with a huge knee strike that put him out for the rest of the contest. Finally, Montez Ford tried to hit a Frog Splash, but wiped out and was hit with the High/Low, or Total Elimination, for the win.

The victory now gives the Undisputed Era the NXT Championship and the NXT Tag Team Championships. With Roderick Strong still gunning for the North American Championship, it is looking like the group is going to be holding all of the gold sooner rather than later. 

Grade: A

What an awesome episode of NXT this week. The Undisputed Era won the NXT Tag Team Championships in a good match and that isn’t the best thing on the show. Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic put on an instant classic this week. That match will be talked about for a while and it deserves all the recognition possible. Io Shirai did awesome character things and I like her new finisher.

Johnny Gargano is going to feud with Shane Thorne and I’m a big fan of that match already. Shayna Baszler was interrupted by Rhea Ripley and I’m really loving the potential of Ripley on NXT. Pete Dunne was on this week and he was awesome because he’s just the best ever. Really, he cut a great promo outlining his character and intentions in NXT. Watch it. As always, NXT gets a great grade and you need to watch it. Class dismissed.

One More Thing:

NXT played a beautiful video package about Johnny Gargano’s career with the brand. It was very well done and set up the upcoming angle perfectly, as fans were able to feel emotionally attached to Johnny Wrestling again through the video. After the video concluded, Shane Thorne came to the announcer’s table and said, “You’re showing some more Johnny. Johnny’s over, Johnny’s done, he’s the past. Let’s focus on the now, the future, me, Shane Thorne. Why aren’t we showing footage of me? And why aren’t we talking about the win streak that I’m going on? Why aren’t we talking about my devastating kicks?”

It is obvious that NXT is setting up a feud between the two and I am very interested in seeing where it goes. I really like Shane Thorne and nobody can bring the best out of their opponent like Johnny Gargano. Keep an eye out on that one.

Javier Melo is a writer of Pro Wrestling for Full Press Coverage and an Assistant Sports Editor for the Massachusetts Daily Collegian. Follow Javier @JMeloSports on Twitter.

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