It’s time for AEW All Out. All Elite Wrestling is back in Chicago, and will be crowning their first-ever World Champion. This is also the last pay-per-view before their debut on TNT in October. Who do we have winning at All Out? We polled the FPC Wrestling crew to get their predictions. Offering predictions are:

  • Evan Gomes, Managing Editor for FPC Wrestling
  • Justin Hix, Contributor for FPC Wrestling
  • Javier Melo, Contributor for FPC Wrestling
  • Kaden Hanafi, Contributor for FPC Wrestling

Private Party versus Angelico & Jack Evans

Justin: Private Party
Kaden: Private Party
Javier: Private Party
Evan: Private Party

Justin: Private Party is the hot team on the “indy” scene right now, and should continue that hot streak. 

Javier: These two have impressed the Young Bucks, the AEW brass, and wrestling fans across the industry over the past few months. They have a bright future with the company. I’d love to pick Angelico because he’s one of my favorite wrestlers, but Private Party win this one.

Women’s Casino Battle Royale

Justin: Britt Baker
Kaden: Britt Baker
Javier: Britt Baker
Evan: Nyla Rose

Evan: Why not Nyla Rose? With the winner facing either Riho or Hikaru Shida, Rose presents a great clash of styles. Britt Baker will get her chance, it just will be a little ways down the road. Let Baker be a part of chasing and toppling Rose.

Justin: Baker is one of the foundations of the AEW Womens division. She deserves an opportunity to become the first Womens Champion for AEW. Honestly, I’m good with anyone but Brandi Rhodes. 

Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt versus So-Cal Uncensored

Justin: Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt
Kaden: So-Cal Uncensored
Javier: Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt
Evan: Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt

Kaden: They want a more sports feel. Having an established team lose to a new trio would be horrible, especially on this big of a show.

Evan: Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy are a popular tag team that AEW could use to bolster their division. It’s also Stunt’s first regular match action. SCU doesn’t need the push that the fresh babyface squad does. 

Darby Allin versus Jimmy Havoc versus Joey Janela

Justin: Jimmy Havoc
Kaden: Joey Janela
Javier: Darby Allin
Evan: Jimmy Havoc

Justin: Havoc is one of AEW’s bigger signings and he needs to prove why with a big win here. 

Kaden: This will be a crowd pleaser. It will he full of gimmick stuff and the crowd will absolutely eat it up. Janela winning is perfect.

Javier: All three guys need the victory but the one with the most potential is Darby Allin so he’s my pick. Allin has been stellar every time he’s stepped in the ring for AEW and I expect that trend to continue. This match should be hectic, chaotic, and extremely fun to watch.

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Riho versus Hikaru Shida

Justin: Riho
Kaden: Riho
Javier: Riho
Evan: Riho

Justin: Riho is a young rising star for AEW. Give her a big win here

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Evan: This pick is in conjunction with my Battle Royale pick. Riho versus Rose would be a great style clash and 

Best Friends versus The Dark Order

Justin: Dark Order
Kaden: Best Friends
Javier: Best Friends
Evan: Dark Order

Javier: Chuckie T and Trent are amazing. Their work together has been fantastic and I think they should be the first-ever AEW Tag Team Champions. The Dark Order had a fun outing at Fight For The Fallen but they are just too new and too unknown to advance on a bye over a team like Best Friends.

Justin: Dark Order had a impressive debut at Double or Nothing, and need to continue to establish themselves. Best Friends are not the center piece of this tag division and can afford a loss.

Cody versus Shawn Spears

Justin: Shawn Spears
Kaden: Shawn Spears
Javier: Shawn Spears
Evan: Shawn Spears

Kaden: Although surprising to say Cody will Lose a match, it has to happen. They brought Spears from WWE for a reason. Having him go over Cody will put him in contendership for the title.

Evan: It will be very interesting to see who Cody brings to the ring. Not announcing it makes me feel like it isn’t Brandi. Whoever it will be, they’ll be on hand to see Shawn Spears be established as a heel worth paying attention to in AEW.

PAC versus Kenny Omega

Justin: PAC
Kaden: PAC
Javier: PAC
Evan: PAC

Javier: Well oh well, look who we have here. PAC is finally in AEW and against one of the best wrestlers in the world? Sign. Me. Up. I think Moxley was originally going to win the match because of something I’m predicting later, but PAC is a welcome substitution for that match. This is going to be match of the show and has potential to be match of the year. These two are that good.

Kaden: I think Moxley was supposed to go over Kenny. That’s why PAC will also go over Kenny. Kenny is a big enough star where losing won’t hurt him. They also need a heel victory especially after who I believe will win the championship.

AAA Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: Lucha Bros (c) versus Young Bucks 

Justin: Lucha Bros
Kaden: Young Bucks
Javier: Lucha Bros
Evan: Lucha Bros

Kaden: Young Bucks always go over at AEW shows. Especially with them not having the belts, crowning new champs would be big for AEW in their PPV leading into TNT. 

Javier: Despite some injury concerns with Fenix, I think that the Lucha Bros are pulling out a victory here. My guess is that Fenix and Pentagon take the titles back to Mexico and drop it to another team. 

AEW World Championship: Adam Page versus Chris Jericho

Justin: Chris Jericho
Kaden: Adam Page
Javier: Adam Page
Evan: Adam Page

Justin: Jericho is the recognizable name AEW will need when they launch their show on TNT in October. Hangman is the future, but winning the title from Jericho a couple months into TV is the bigger story. 

Evan: It has to be Page, because he represents the new. Jericho has tried to distance himself from WWE and he’s done a good job. Still, he feels very “establishment”. Page is the hot new thing, and should go down as the first-ever AEW Champion.

Those are all picks for AEW All Out. Do your picks match up with ours? Let us know on Twitter at @FPC_Wrestling or in the comments.

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