The Chiefs have long seen their cornerbacks be a liability. With a new defense, that is a work in progress, Kansas City hopes to break that trend. That is going to take some work this weekend. The Chiefs will have tough decisions to make, with which cornerbacks stay or go. With that said, let’s get these Chiefs cornerbacks predictions rolling.

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Cornerbacks on the current roster: Kendall Fuller, Bashaud Breeland, Charvarius Ward, Morris Claiborne, D’Montre Wade, Rashad Fenton, Herb Miller, Mark Fields, Dakari Monroe, Michael Hunter

Group Effort

There is about four cornerbacks here, who has a spot locked up on the roster. Those four are Kendall Fuller, Bashaud Breeland, Charvarius Ward and Morris Claiborne. But, Claiborne will not count against the 53 man roster until Week 5. He will be serving a suspension during the first four games. Besides that, it’s going to take extensive work from the Chiefs front office to make out the other roster spots.

To me the additions of Breeland and Claiborne are much needed. However, there is not one of these cornerbacks that stands above the other. It is going to take a big effort by this group of Chiefs cornerbacks to stay afloat week in and week out.


Where do some of these cornerbacks shine? Most of them can shine in press coverage. We know Fuller has had success as a nickel corner, and that looks to be where he’ll return to play this year. Breeland has nice size and sneaky quickness on the outside. It will just be interesting to see how he reacts to certain cuts and breaks by opposing receivers. For Ward and Claiborne, they both excel in man coverage. Neither are super fast when closing down on routes, but they both can surprise in spurts.

Final Cuts

Again, Claiborne is suspended the first four games. So, that makes things even tougher to gauge what the Chiefs are thinking for the rest of the cornerbacks. I think Herb Miller and Rashad Fenton have looked the best of the remaining cornerbacks. Miller really surprised out of nowhere, in both camp and the preseason games. Meanwhile, Fenton is a rookie who seems to have a lot of trust instilled in him from the coaches. His tackling needs a lit bit of improving, but I think his man coverage skills will help him make the team.

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I was very excited to see that Mark Fields was one of the UDFAs the Chiefs signed after the draft. He started with some nice plays here and there in both camp and the first preseason game. But, the fourth preseason game was abysmal. Fields was hit with three penalties, and was even hurdled over by a third string QB. It was a night Fields will want to quickly forget, and one that won’t help his cause much at all.

D’Montre Wade has an argument to make the team. His play seems out of control at times though, and that’s not something you want from a cornerback. He was also hit with an easy to see pass interference call in the final preseason game. I think there is qualities to like about Wade. But, Wade will be a practice squad body at best.

Late Additions

I would be completely surprised if the Chiefs did not add at least one or two cornerbacks over cut day weekend. Whether it’s via waivers, trades, or veteran free agents, Kansas City will need to dig for some extra help. Because Claiborne is out, the Chiefs only have five legitimate options at cornerback right now. With that said, I’m sure general manager Brett Veach and his staff have already begun doing their due diligence on this front.

Final Depth Chart:

1) Kendall Fuller

2) Bashaud Breeland

3) Charvarius Ward

4) Herb Miller

5) Rashad Fenton

6) ?- Late Addition

Activated for Week 5- Morris Claiborne

That will conclude our roster predictions for the Chiefs cornerbacks. Next time, we will focus on the other half of the Chiefs defensive backfield with the safeties. For now, stay tuned to Full Press Coverage for more great sports and NFL content.

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