Change is never an easy thing to adapt to. For the first time this decade, the Chiefs group of safeties will not include Eric Berry. Berry’s injuries had caught up with him, finally. Therefore, it was to the point where the team had no other choice but to move on. Now, the Chiefs safeties have to try and continue to lead and be physical like Berry used to be on the backend. With that said, let’s get this version of roster predictions started.

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Safeties on the current roster: Tyrann Mathieu, Daniel Sorensen, Juan Thornhill, Jordan Lucas, Armani Watts, Harold Jones-Quartey, Andrew Soroh

Honey Badger

Tyrann Mathieu, a.k.a the Honey Badger, could very well be the best replacement for Eric Berry. As a leader, Mathieu brings players up through his words and actions. He also displays a do it all playing style. Mathieu can line up all over at safety, nickel, the slot, or on the outside. The ability to use him as a blitzer, or playing in the box is also not of the question. The Chiefs are hoping the addition of Frank Clark pays off big time. But overall, adding Tyrann Mathieu may mean more to this team and defense. Consequently, Mathieu is the catalyst of the Chiefs safeties, the defense and free agency.

Supporting Cast

The rest of the Chiefs safeties all have different expectations. Early in the offseason, it seemed like Daniel Sorensen could have been a veteran cut by the team. However, he has impressed in training camp and the preseason. This is the most we’ve seen from Sorensen, in terms of flying around and being close to all the action. Meanwhile, Juan Thornhill has gained a lot of hype entering his rookie campaign. Thornhill was arguably the Chiefs best draft selection in April. At Virginia, he played both cornerback and safety. Also, I believe he could be a sleeper for defensive rookie of the year. It seems that the Chiefs have really gotten a steal with adding Thornhill to their group of safeties.

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Of the others, Jordan Lucas might hold the highest expectations right now. He battled an injury early in camp. But, he did get some important reps in later in August. Lucas came to be an important addition right before the regular season last year. With injuries and disappointing performances, Lucas was the Chiefs best safety at times. He looks to hold one of the stronger backup roles on the team.

Final Cuts

Armani Watts is entering his second season and coming off an injury. I like Watts potential a lot. His performance in the preseason was wishy-washy. Due to that, we now look towards the abilities of Harold Jones-Quartey and Andrew Soroh. Jones-Quartey could be a stronger candidate to make the team, if the Chiefs didn’t make the additions they did. Then, Andrew Soroh was a UDFA signing after the draft. He has flashed off the screen a few times, and Soroh has even knocked down a few passes. Despite that, I think Watts will be one of the last few players to make the 53 man roster. More work and progress for him needs to be done. As a result, Watts can still bring so much to the Chiefs group of safeties.

Final Depth Chart:

1) Tyrann Mathieu

2) Daniel Sorensen

3) Juan Thornhill

4) Jordan Lucas

5) Armani Watts

That will conclude our roster predictions for the Chiefs safeties. Later today, it will be fun to see what the final 53 man roster ends up being. For now, stay tuned to Full Press Coverage for more great sports and NFL content.

– Braden Holecek is the Kansas City Chiefs managing editor for Full Press Coverage. He covers the NFL. Like and follow on // // and Facebook.

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