The first round of King of the Ring is in the books, and the second round starts this week. Eight men remain after the first round of competition. Some early favourites are out of the tournament. All of our writers picked Drew McIntyre to beat Ricochet in the first round. Oops.

Will we do better this time around? Let’s get in to our predictions for the second round.

Doing the predictions this round:

  • Justin Hix, Contributor for FPC Wrestling
  • Javier Melo, Contributor for FPC Wrestling
  • Evan Gomes, Managing Editor for FPC Wrestling


Samoa Joe vs Ricochet

Justin: Ricochet

Ricochet is probably the second most important face on RAW right now, while Joe is just there. Look for Ricochet to get a big win and advance to the RAW finals.

Javier: Samoa Joe

Every matchup has been or will be a heel versus face clash. Joe will advance because he’s still the heel technically and I have more faith in my next prediction going through than I do Ricochet over Joe.

Evan: Ricochet

Coming out of the Ricochet-McIntyre match, the winner was set to be the favorite. Ricochet already has King in his Twitter handle. It writes itself, WWE. 

Cedric Alexander vs Baron Corbin

Justin: Baron Corbin

If my pick of Ricochet comes true, Corbin will be the perfect Big Man Heel for Ricochet to topple to reach the finals. While Alexander and Ricochet would be a great match, continuing to establish Ricochet as a underdog baby face with an “upset” win over Corbin is the way to go. 

Javier: Cedric Alexander

Cedric had a fun match with Sami Zayn and the crowds are starting to get behind him. A win over super hated Baron Corbin could really get the audience behind him. He’s also the beneficiary of my strict heel versus face matchup theory so he will go on to face Samoa Joe.

Evan: Baron Corbin

All hail King Corbin! I don’t think he’ll win, but I do think WWE will want to give Ricochet a very impressive path to the finals. Topping McIntyre, Samoa Joe and then Corbin will be three powerful heels that Ricochet beats. Sorry, Cedric. You’re still great.

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SmackDown Live

Elias vs Ali

Justin: Ali

I was the only FPC expert to pick Elias in the first round over Kevin Owens, but Elias will not have an encore against Ali. Ali got the won over Murphy in a great match last week, and his Cinderella story will continue as he advances to the SmackDown finals.

Javier: Ali

I like both performers but this should really be Stone Cold Kevin Owens versus Buddy Murphy. Anyways, I think Ali wins because Kevin Owens will probably screw Elias or something. Also because of my heel/face thing which leads me to my next prediction below.

Evan: Elias

WWE wants to make it powerful for heels to be friends with Shane McMahon. Elias will still get help from Shane, and make it an all heel King of the Ring finals on the SmackDown Live side.

Chad Gable vs Andrade

Justin: Andrade

Andrade was my pick before the tournament started, and I will not jump off that ship yet. It is nice to see Gable get a win over Benjamin, but Gabel’s run stops here. Gable is incredibly talented and hopefully this match makes Gable look good even in a loss. I want all the shares of Andrade who is poised to be King. 

Javier: Andrade

WWE have been doing a decent job of giving Gable some good will with the crowd. If this Shorty G thing ends up happening, I will sue Vince McMahon. That said, Andrade is one of the best performers on the roster and in the world and should absolutely advance onwards to give us a potential match of the year against Ali. Also because heel versus face thing.

Evan: Andrade

Andrade is going to win King of the Ring. He would be the best of the remaining competitors, and he will get through Gable to get there. Tough draw for Shorty G.

That’s who we have winning in round two. Who do you have? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @FPC_Wrestling.

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