Wrestling Roundup: September 4, 2019


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Chris Jericho’s AEW Championship Stolen

It’s one of the strangest stories in wrestling this year. According to reports (h/t CagesideSeats) the AEW World Championship was stolen from Chris Jericho. Police reports online indicate a “championship wrestling belt” was stolen from Jericho either at a steakhouse or at the airport. 

Jericho commented on the incident on Twitter with this video: 

The Twitter video Jericho posted is making some suspect it could be an angle. It also could be AEW rolling with the punches and making the best of a bad situation. Hopefully the AEW Championship turns up soon.

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Sin Cara Returning Soon

WWE superstar Sin Cara could be making his return to television soon. Sin Cara appeared in a Twitter promo for WWE’s September 27th live event in El Paso, Texas (h/t WrestlingInc). In the promo, Sin Cara says “it’s time”, meaning he could return soon.

Sin Cara hasn’t been a regular on television since August 2018. He did participate in the 50-man battle royale at Super Showdown in June.

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Marty Scurll-ROH Update

According to Sports Illustrated (h/t PWInsider), Marty Scurll’s contract with Ring of Honor ends in November. The “Villain” has been with ROH since 2016 and currently leads the Villain Enterprises stable. With some of his old friends from the Elite currently leading AEW, a jump to the new promotion wouldn’t be a surprise. Time will tell where Scurll will end up.

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