The Miami Dolphins begin their unpredictable 2019 season, and the Full Press Coverage Dolphins staff tackle each game of the season with score predictions accompanied by reasonings for their decisions below.

Kayla Morton predicts 6-10.

Jaymin Stamper predicts 3-13.

Christian Chappell predicts 3-13.

Carl Mahler predicts 4-12.

Week 1: Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins

Kayla: Baltimore, 26 @ Miami, 27

I can’t lie and say the overtime touchdown pass from Cleo Lemon to Greg Camarillo in 2007 when the Dolphins went 1-15 didn’t come to mind here. That’s relevant because Miami was awful in 2007 and weren’t projected to amount to anything, yet stayed in the game and eventually beat Baltimore. The Ravens also aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Lamar Jackson is a running back, not a quarterback, until he shows me he actually looks like he wants to throw the football. Baltimore also has a running back committee and not too stellar wide receivers. Miami’s defense is actually quite good, like Baltimore’s, and if the Dolphins get Jason Sanders into range, he’ll out-perform Justin Tucker.

Jaymin: Baltimore, 31 @ Miami, 13

Stopping Lamar Jackson and the Ravens run game is going to be an issue for the Dolphins defense. Ryan Fitzpatrick will struggle and Baltimore will jump out in front early and never look back. 

Christian: Baltimore, 16 @ Miami, 20

Week one of the regular season, the Miami Dolphins will be visited by Earl Thomas and a nightmarish Baltimore Ravens pass defense. If not for the history between these two teams, I believe the Ravens’ pass defense would take the game from the Dolphins 24-9, but when the Dolphins were almost winless, the Ravens gave them a miracle to end their season. Fitzpatrick doesn’t play the second half, but Miami wins. 

Carl: Baltimore, 23 @ Miami, 14

The uncertainty of the Dolphins’ reliable quarterback situation will haunt them as they go against a revamped Lamar Jackson and a young Ravens offense. I predict Jackson will throw for 225 yards and two TDs, with at least 85 rushing yards. With running back Kenyan Drake’s late preseason injury possibly affecting his week one status, Miami will turn to Fitzpatrick and the WR core. Fitzpatrick will start his Dolphin tenure with a pair of TD’s but come up short in the opening game.

Week 2: New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins

Kayla: New England, 45 @ Miami, 13

Miami is 4-1 in its last five games at home against New England. However, Miami is CLEARLY outmatched on offense here, and faces the one running back committee that is actually successful in the league at this time. Although I think the Dolphins still have the better defense, they don’t have the offense to support it or keep them off the field long enough for an adequate break that allows them to make an impact for the full 60 minutes.

Jaymin: New England, 42 @ Miami, 28

The Miami Miracle seems like an eternity ago doesn’t it? The last time New England was in Miami, Gronkowski missed the angle and Miami shocked the world. This time around, Belichek will show his former disciple Brian Flores how it’s done. 

Christian: New England, 28 @ Miami, 10

Week two of the regular season Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the rest of the gang from Foxborough will be playing the Miami Dolphins on the road. Between the Miami Dolphins’ lack of presence at virtually every offensive position following their recent trading spree, and Bill Belichick’s ability to annihilate the rest of the AFC East any given year, the Patriots defense makes the stand, Pats win it 28-10 behind 3+ passing touchdowns.

Carl: New England, 28 @ Miami, 13

Miami faces the defending Super Bowl champions at home with Brady going for ring number seven. The Patriots won’t have a “Miami Miracle” situation happen to them again, and this time around, Brady will be looking for revenge and will get it. I think Brady will toss two TDs and running back Sony Michel will also pick up a pair of his own.

Week 3: Miami Dolphins @ Dallas Cowboys

Kayla: Miami, 20 @ Dallas, 31

The Dolphins’ rush-defense has statistically been better than its pass-defense, however I don’t think they’re going to have much success stopping Ezekiel Elliott. Elliott should have a huge game and put up two or three TDs. While I don’t think Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper are high quality, like the current state of Miami, Dallas has a run game that the Dolphins don’t. 

Jaymin: Miami, 16 @ Dallas, 27

The first road game for the Dolphins in 2019 is in Jerry’s House against the Cowboys. Dallas has the Ezekiel Elliot distraction, but the talent levels of this team is just too much for Miami to overcome.

Christian: Miami, 7 @ Dallas, 20

Week three the Dolphins are on the road, playing another dangerous defense, this time with abilities closer to the line of scrimmage, and the highest paid back in the NFL. Ezekiel Elliot gets 120+ total yards on the day and the defensive line gets to Fitzpatrick 3+ times. Cowboys grab the win 20-7.

Carl: Miami, 10 @ Dallas, 35

Miami will go into Arlington and face a rowdy Cowboys defense who will tear apart Fitzpatrick and pick him off twice. Prescott and the Cowboys offense will tear through the Miami defense with Prescott throwing for three TD’s, with Ezekiel Elliott having an impact as well. Miami’s only TD drive of the game will come from running back Kenyan Drake.

Week 4: Los Angeles Chargers @ Miami Dolphins

Kayla: Los Angeles, 31 @ Miami, 17

The Chargers are making a cross-country road trip for a 1 p.m. eastern game, but it won’t matter. Philip Rivers and Austin Ekeler may work better this season than Melvin Gordon did with Rivers. Ekeler is more of a weapon in the passing game and his versatility will make it hard for Miami to read whether he’s rushing or receiving on the play. Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen is also more dominant on offense than most of the NFL’s receivers. LA should roll easily in this one. 

Jaymin: Los Angeles, 31 @ Miami, 20

Even without running back Melvin Gordon, and losing defensive stud Derwin James for the first part of the season, the Los Angeles Chargers just have a superior roster top to bottom that will be difficult for the Dolphins to overcome. If the Dolphins start 0-4 like I predict, this could end up being the last start Ryan Fitzpatrick makes for Miami. Miami will swing, but ultimately miss again.

Christian: Los Angeles, 31 @ Miami, 17

Week four the Dolphins will get another visit, this time from the LAC. Being no match for the threats the Chargers have on either side of the ball, the Dolphins take the loss, 31-17. Nick Bosa accumulates 3+ tackles for loss on the day. Rivers ends with 300+ yards, a third of which will go to Keenan Allen.

Carl: Los Angeles, 20 @ Miami, 17

Miami will finally get its first win of the season under the Flores era, with this being its third of four games at home to open the season. I think the Miami offense will be in a tight battle with veteran quarterback Philip Rivers. Rivers will throw for two TD’s and they will get some help from the field goal unit, but Miami will win the game on a last second field goal by kicker Jason Sanders.

Week 5: BYE

Week 6: Washington Redskins @ Miami Dolphins

Kayla: Washington, 20 @ Miami, 23

This is one of the best opportunities Miami will have for a win all season. Both Washington and Miami have running back committees, skeptical wide receivers and most likely won’t know who to start at quarterback. I think it will come down to defense and special teams, and Miami has the edge there.

Jaymin: Washington, 20 @ Miami, 23

The debut of Josh Rosen in a Dolphins uniform will be a successful one. After going through the gauntlet of a seemingly tough opening schedule, Rosen will step in for Miami and put it in the win column for the first time in 2019. Washington could be going through a quarterback change of its own at this time too, after drafting rookie Dwayne Haskins. Coming off the bye week, Rosen will be prepared and ready for his opportunity. 

Christian: Washington, 21 @ Miami, 10

Hail to the Redskins, as Jay Gruden brings his rookie quarterback to town for the fifth week of the regular season. By this time in the season the Dolphins may have actually gathered some team chemistry, but are still no match for the raw talent of the NFL’s youth players. Dwayne Haskins starts and records the first 300 yard game of his career behind at least two touchdowns, Redskins get the win 21-10.

Carl: Washington, 17 @ Miami, 13

This game could go back and forth, with Washington also having some uncertainty at quarterback. The Redskins will look to lean on the run game of Adrian Peterson and Derrius Guice. I think both Washington RBs pick up TDs in this game, and Miami will continue to lean on Drake, but it won’t be enough.

Week 7: Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills

Kayla: Miami, 10 @ Buffalo, 14

This game is just going to be ugly period. Both teams’ defenses are better than their offenses. I predict Bills running back Devin Singletary will be more involved with the offense by now, and him in tandem with Frank Gore, will keep more drives alive for Buffalo. Buffalo will have more chances to reach the end zone than Miami.

Jaymin: Miami, 17 @ Buffalo, 19

The first divisional road game sees the Dolphins head up north to Buffalo. Second year quarterback Josh Allen and his ability to utilize his legs will cause Miami problems much like Lamar Jackson in Week 1. The ageless Frank Gore will undoubtedly want to leave a mark on his former team too. Bills take this one in ugly fashion.

Christian: Miami, 24 @ Buffalo, 27

The Bills welcome the Dolphins to Buffalo on October 20th for week seven of the NFL’s regular season. Luckily for Miami, Buffalo happens to be one of the few other teams in the league who don’t have order in their organization. Unlucky for Miami, the Bills will have home field advantage. Bills grab the home win 27-24 in the final minutes.

Carl: Miami, 24 @ Buffalo, 17

This will be the start of the Josh Rosen era in Miami, after a bland start to the season with the grizzled veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick heading back to the backup spot. Rosen will show why he was meant to be the starter all along and lead the way for Miami. I even think he’ll pick up three TD’s. Sanders will add on to the scoring, but Buffalo will continue to be in a “rebuilding” period with second year QB Josh Allen, even if he throws two TD’s.

Week 8: Miami Dolphins @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Kayla: Miami, 23 @ Pittsburgh, 41

What a time to be on national television. Pittsburgh running back James Conner should have a field day, especially when the Steelers start eating up the clock on the ground. Conner and wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster are no match for Miami and the Dolphins’ offense won’t be able to keep up. The gap in this game will be further apart for most of the contest, with Miami putting up garbage time points once the game is far out of reach. 

Jaymin: Miami, 17 @ Pittsburgh, 35

I believe Pittsburgh is a potential Super Bowl contender while Miami is contending for the number one pick come next April. Pittsburgh should dominate the trenches here with ease. Barring a massive upset, Pittsburgh will have no problems here. 

Christian: Miami, 6 @ Pittsburgh, 34

Week eight, welcome to the start of the playoff race. The Dolphins are nowhere to be found, falling to 1-6 after an unfortunate visit to Heinz field to see the Pittsburgh Steelers. Between James Conner, Big Ben and JuJu Smith-Schuster, the Steelers are on the fly, barreling over Miami in a 34-6 blowout on Monday night.

Carl: Miami, 17 @ Pittsburgh, 28

Rosen will look to build off his impressive debut with his new team against a very rebuilt Steelers defense. Rosen will go into Heinz Field a little overwhelmed with the screaming Steelers faithful and throw for just one TD. Kenyan Drake will add another rushing TD to his season total, but the Steelers will be to much as Big Ben Roethlisberger and JuJu Smith-Schuster will tear them apart. Running back James Conner could also control the clock in this game if Pittsburgh gets up big.

Week 9: New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins

Kayla: New York Jets, 17 @ Miami, 23

I wrote an article in July detailing why Jets’ running back Le’Veon Bell joining New York actually helps Miami. The Dolphins are historically dominant against Bell in the regular season. Bell was the Start-of-the-Week in fantasy football for some analysts in the team’s matchup in 2016. Miami’s offense was nonexistent against Seattle, Cincinnati and Tennessee, and barely beat Cleveland, in four of its first five weeks. However, Bell posted just 53 total yards and was knocked out of the Steelers’ game plan early. This time, the team can’t reply on Antonio Brown or JuJu Smith-Schuster to help, and I don’t think Sam Darnold is better than Ryan Fitzpatrick or Josh Rosen, for whoever plays in that game.

Jaymin: New York Jets, 24 @ Miami, 22

This Jets team has star power scattered throughout the roster. Sam Darnold is one of the most overlooked, young emerging quarterbacks in the game. Now, he also has a legitimate run threat behind him in running back Le’Veon Bell. It seems like year-in and year-out they are finding a defensive stud to build around too. The Jets are probably the team closest to dethroning the Patriots in the division as things sit right now. Miami holds its own however, but New York squeaks by.

Christian: New York Jets, 10 @ Miami, 16

Week nine warrants a visit from Le’Veon Bell and Sam Darnold. Le’Veon won’t be as productive as always in the Miami heat and the second year quarterback seems a little shaky with two interceptions. Dolphins defend home field for a change, getting the win 16-10.

Carl: New York Jets, 21 @ Miami, 20

Rosen will start to become more comfortable with the offense and take the new-look Jets offense by surprise early on in the game. They’ll jump out to an early two touchdown lead with Rosen passing for a score and Drake rushing for one score. However, Rosen will cool off and shut down, and the Jets will come from behind and win the game. Le’Veon Bell scoring the game winning TD with less than two minutes to go in the game.

Week 10: Miami Dolphins @ Indianapolis Colts 

Kayla: Miami, 23 @ Indianapolis, 27

If this game was earlier in the season I’d put Miami on top with all the changes Indy is facing. However, ten weeks into the season the Colts will find some sort of scheme that works with quarterback Jacoby Brissett. Indy has more than just T.Y. Hilton as weapons, and while I think the game could feature plenty of turnovers and be ugly, the Colts should win. I don’t think the Dolphins will be able to contain Hilton, especially if they’re looking at tight end Eric Ebron or multiple TEs.

Jaymin: Miami, 16 @ Indianapolis, 17

I struggled with this one the most. Andrew Luck departed, but Jacoby Brissett isn’t a scrub and this roster is still built to find itself in close games. Where I’m basing my decision is the disparity of the offensive lines. Frank Reich has built a top 10 unit for the Colts, while the Dolphins will be on the opposite side of the spectrum. It’ll come down to who can keep drives alive.

Christian: Miami, 0 @ Indianapolis, 7 

The tenth week of the NFL season means the Dolphins are going to Lucas Oil Stadium. Andrew Luck is retired, and Jacoby Brisset is hungry. The Colts defense holds a surprising shutout, winning the game 7-0.

Carl: Miami, 10 @ Indianapolis, 24

After the shocking retirement of Andrew Luck, the Colts will now turn to Jacoby Brissett to lead them to victory. I still expect the Colts to jump out to an early lead and hold on and not look back. Brissett will find the endzone two times finding his favorite target Hilton two times,with running back Marlon Mack putting the nail in the coffin with a rushing score. Rosen will start off slow for the Fins and get replaced at half for the grizzled vet Fitzpatrick, as Fitzpatrick will add the only TD score of the game on a Quarterback sneak up the middle for a 10 yard TD.

Week 11: Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins

Kayla: Buffalo, 21 @ Miami, 24

Miami won’t lose twice to Buffalo. It’ll learn from its mistakes the first time around pull off a close win at home.  

Jaymin: Buffalo, 13 @ Miami, 23

Buffalo may have stolen the first meeting of the season, but look for Miami to bounce back at home in Week 11. A young Dolphins team will have nine games behind them at this point, and learn from the mistakes they made in the first meeting with containing Josh Allen. No touchdown for Frank Gore this time either. 

Christian: Buffalo, 14 @ Miami, 9

Week 11 is Josh Allen’s second game against the Dolphins, and unfortunately for him, this time it’s in foreign territory. The Dolphins retain and maintain their home field advantage. Dolphins win 14-9.

Carl: Buffalo, 17 @ Miami, 21

This will be the “Get at me bro” moment for former Bills’ quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick as he shines in front of his former team. Fitzpatrick will respond after falling behind 14-0 early, and go off for at least 350 passing yards and three passing TD’s. 

Week 12: Miami Dolphins @ Cleveland Browns

Kayla: Miami, 16 @ Cleveland, 34

The Browns will likely be in playoff and division championship contention in week 12, and will be another team that’s too much to handle for Miami. The Dolphins defense will be spread too thin while trying to cover running back Nick Chubb (and possibly Kareem Hunt whose suspension ends week eight), wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry, along with tight end David Njoku. 

Jaymin: Miami, 12 @ Cleveland, 35

Cleveland’s defensive front is going to have a field day against this Dolphins offensive line. With Myles Garrett and former-fin Oliver Vernon breathing down Rosen’s neck, it will be difficult for the Dolphins to get much of anything going. Meanwhile, the Browns’ offense is gearing up down the stretch to make a playoff run.

Christian: Miami, 42 @ Cleveland, 24

Week 12 the Cleveland Browns are welcoming the Dolphins to First Energy Stadium. The Dolphins are no match for the explosiveness of Baker Mayfield and the rest of the team, Browns dominate the Dolphins 42-24.

Carl: Miami, 16 @ Cleveland, 34

Fitzpatrick will run into a buzz-saw against the high profile offense in the new-look Browns squad with second year QB Baker Mayfield tearing apart the Dolphins defense. Odell Beckham Jr. and his former Louisiana State Uuniversity teammate, and former Dolphin, Jarvis Landry opposite him will pose problems for Miami. The combination of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, who will be back from suspension, will throw the knockout punch against Miami. 

Week 13: Philadelphia Eagles @ Miami Dolphins

Kayla: Philadelphia, 31 @ Miami, 24 

If it weren’t for Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz and tight end Zach Ertz, I wouldn’t be afraid of Philadelphia. Alshon Jeffrey, DeSean Jackson and Nelson Agholor are not a great receiving core, and the Eagles will try and spread the ball around too much to its four running backs. Wentz and Ertz are better than Ryan Fitzpatrick/Josh Rosen and Mike Gesicki. Many people think the Eagles are contenders, but I think this game is closer than people realize.

Jaymin: Philadelphia, 34 @ Miami, 13

Deja Vu for the Dolphins offensive line here. After getting thrown around by the Cleveland defense, Philadelphia comes to South Beach and brings with them arguably the leagues’ best defensive front. The Eagles are my pick to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, so I see this one getting ugly fast.  

Christian: Philadelphia, 30 @ Miami, 13 

Week 13 of the season means the Dolphins play back-to-back powerhouse teams. The Eagles are coming to town, and a powerful defense with an almost as powerful offense gives the Dolphins the loss, 30-13.

Carl: Philadelphia, 38 @ Miami, 10 

This game will prove to be too much for the Dolphins at home as the more fluent and attacking offense in Philadelphia will run through Miami. Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz will easily attack the secondary of the Dolphins.

Week 14: Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets

Kayla: Miami, 24 @ New York, 20

Sorry, but I still don’t think the Jets are a good football team. Le’Veon Bell may do things differently the second time around, but the Jets defense is just awful. Miami’s receivers, when healthy, are better than the Jets’, and the Dolphins can win through the air easier than New York can on the ground. 

Jaymin: Miami, 19 @ New York, 27

If all goes according to plan for the Jets this season, they could be scratching and clawing for a wild card spot come Week 15. When looking at the Jets, it’s hard to tell if they are about to take that next step or if they are still a year away. The addition of Le’Veon Bell is really going to help the Jets down the stretch in December (assuming he’s healthy). After taking the first meeting down in Miami, Sam Darnold and the Jets beat the Dolphins for the second time.

Christian: Miami, 13 @ New York, 24

Week 14 has the Dolphins on the move to the Meadowlands, which is where they’ll be playing back-to-back weeks against separate teams. The first game is against Darnold, Bell and the Jets. With home field advantage and a power performance from Bell, the Dolphins take loss number 10 on the season.

Carl: Miami, 14 @ New York, 28

This progress will show that Miami is indeed in search for the quarterback of the future as the Jets will be too much for the Dolphins. Darnold will throw for two TD’s and Bell will add two rushing TD’s to put another damper on Brian Flores’ first year as a head coach. Even in defeat Josh Rosen will once again be named the starter for Miami and lead the way for Miami in both of its scoring drives.

Week 15: Miami Dolphins @ New York Giants

Kayla: Miami, 24 @ New York Giants, 27

Just like in their game against Dallas, Miami will have a big issue stopping the opposing running back. Saquon Barkley will be securing Giants’ players jobs all season with what he accomplishes on a poor team. The game will be closer if Daniel Jones is in, but Miami won’t win whether its him or Eli Manning under center. Again though, the game will be closer than expected.

Jaymin: Miami, 20 @ New York Giants, 26

I have zero doubt that Daniel Jones will be the Giants’ quarterback by this juncture of the season. This will be Miami’s second straight week in New York and I think that plays a factor. The Dolphins wear down late and the Giants win on a two-minute drill game winning drive from Daniel Jones.

Christian: Miami, 10 @ New York Giants, 24

Week two in the meadowlands, week 15 in the NFL has the Dolphins eating up a 200 yard rushing performance from Saquon Barkley and the Giants. Dolphins lose 24-10.

Carl: Miami, 14 @ New York Giants, 17

The Giants offense looks like it will rely again on sensational running back Saquon Barkley. Barkley will score both times for the Giants and it’ll add a field goal in a close win for New York.

Week 16: Cincinnati Bengals @ Miami Dolphins

Kayla: Cincinnati, 28 @ Miami, 34

Aside from the Jets, Cincinnati may be the team that’s worse than the Dolphins this season. If A.J. Green is healthy for the Bengals, this game could be really interesting. However, I think overall, Miami has the better team and will win one of the ugliest games the NFL sees this season. The Dolphins will also score their season-high in points in this game.

Jaymin: Cincinnati, 24 @ Miami, 27

Before the year even begins, this matchup is being looked at as the “Tank 4 Tua Bowl.” With both teams seemingly looking toward the 2020 NFL Draft with eyes on quarterbacks, this outcome could end up having a ton of impact. Neither team has a great offensive line, but the Dolphins defense is superior, and will be the difference.

Christian: Cincinnati, 30 @ Miami, 24, OT

Andy Dalton, the Red Rifle, is in town for week 16 of the NFL season. Wrapping up the season for two teams who were nowhere near playoff contention, Dalton and the Bengals rob Miami of a win in OT, 30-24.

Carl: Cincinnati, 13 @ Miami, 24

This game really feels like it could be a “coming out” moment for rookie quarterback Ryan Finley (North Carolina State). I predict Finley to make his first NFL start for the Bengals in their lost season, will the future looking like a move-on from Andy Dalton. The Dolphins offense with Rosen at QB will take advantage of a young Bengals defense.

Week 17: Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots

Kayla: Miami, 17 @ New England, 27

Thank you NFL schedulers for again making the Dolphins travel to Massachusetts in the dead of winter in the final week of the season, instead of during week two. In the last decade, Miami has had some notable wins against the Patriots late in the season that seemed to come out of nowhere, but not this time. Even if its starters don’t play, Miami won’t be used to playing in the weather and will fall short. 

Jaymin: Miami, 27 @ New England, 28

A Week 17 matchup against a Patriots team with its eyes on the playoffs is always interesting. Will New England even have anything to play for? How much does Tom Brady play? And on the flip side, how much do the Dolphins REALLY want to win with the potential chance to miss out on a top draft pick? Flores will come close, but have to wait another year to pick up a victory against his former team.

Christian: Miami, 14 @ New England, 20

For the final game of the NFL season, the Dolphins are visiting Tom and Bill in Foxborough. Tom and Bill were on a completely different agenda than the Dolphins this season, as they top the Dolphins 20-14 at home, making the playoffs in the final game of the season, leaving the Dolphins with a disappointing 3-13 season.

Carl: Miami, 14 @ New England, 24

Rosen will face a Patriots team that will probably not play most of its starters, including Tom Brady. New England will most likely be resting starters as its already in the postseason, but the Dolphins will still struggle to beat them because of the inconsistency of the offense. 

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