WWE is undergoing many changes, some rumored and some confirmed. With talk of position changes backstage and superstar drafts, it’s a great time to think about who may be in need of a good heel or face turn. Here are three superstars who could potentially benefits from new personality alignment.

Three Superstars Who Need a Heel or Face Turn

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is no doubt a crowd favorite; however, that doesn’t necessarily make for an interesting face. Arguably some of his best work comes from his selfish attitude during the days with The Shield and The Authority. Rollins is on of the very few who do not forget the majority of their moveset when becoming heel and understand being a bad guy doesn’t mean being bad at wrestling. Blame it one creative if you will, but a face Rollins leaves much to be desired in terms on mic work when compared to his heel persona. Rollins gets it done in the ring, heel or face, but as a heel, he’s proven far more interesting.

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Drew McIntyre

A change for Drew McIntyre would not be out of necessity for, but rather for the WWE. Most of the “good guys” are smaller individuals on the roster. Drew McIntyre poses a considerable threat to anyone and has an intimidating presence. Obviously, these are great traits for a villain. However, his time in NXT proves he can be just as good as a face wielding his humbled warrior gimmick. As “The Chosen One,” we know Drew McIntyre works as a heel, but to really break the mold for what I hero can be, it’s about time he storm the ring as a face and show what the Claymore Kick can really do.

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Sami Zayn

The underdog from the underground is all-around entertaining. While his current mic work isn’t bad by any means, it hasn’t gotten him much outside of a losing streak. Zayn’s best work has been memorable matches against the likes of Cesaro, Owens, Cena, and Nakamura but as a face. As a good guy, Zayn still seemed unorthodox with his unique style and cultural diversity. It makes him someone easy to get behind in almost any scenario.

To put it plainly, WWE has many believable heels to the point where Zayn shouldn’t be one of them. Don’t take away his edge, but let him play to the crowd to rebel against the system as he should be.

With a pending Superstar Shake-Up and network moves for both Smackdown and NXT, there’s no reason for WWE to not take a hard look at their line up and begin putting pieces together for more compelling characters and narratives.

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