WWE SmackDown Live Recap, Grades & Opinion: September 10, 2019


WWE SmackDown Live Recap: September 10, 2019

A.K.A. The One Where Rowan Explained Himself


  • Miz def. Andrade
  • Nikki Cross def. Mandy Rose
  • Heavy Machinery def. Beaver Boys
  • Bayley def. Ember Moon
  • Chad Gable def. Shane McMahon in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match to advance to the King of the Ring Finals

Match of the Night: Chad Gable def. Shane McMahon in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match to advance to the King of the Ring Finals

All of the WWE Universe held their breath when Shane McMahon announced himself as Chad Gable’s opponent. Instead, we were treated to an interesting match that used Kevin Owens’ internal conflict as a good secondary story. Gable moving on is the right call, and it continued the McMahon-Owens feud. Owens was fired after not giving McMahon the win, and Gable gets to move on to the King of the Ring finals.

Three Thoughts:

Undertaker Returns, Sami Zayn Has A Death Wish

To open SmackDown Live from Madison Square Garden, the Undertaker appeared. After a short promo on how he considers the Garden home, Taker was interrupted. Not by The Fiend as many had predicted, but by Sami Zayn. It was a fun opening promo where Zayn tried to tell Undertaker his time was up. A Chokeslam obviously followed, and Zayn was dispatched. Undertaker exists as a spectacle now, which is how it should be. Still, a Fiend appearance would have been excellent.

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WWE loves to heat up title challengers by having them pick up a string of wins. Miz has been the most recent recipient of that treatment ahead of his Intercontinental Championship match at Clash of Champions. Sometimes it feels organic to heat up the challenger. This time, it doesn’t. Miz has defeated Cesaro and Andrade recently, two men who should have been pushed to a higher level recently. Cesaro had an amazing NXT UK match with Ilja Dragunov, and then was easily handled by Miz. Andrade was a favorite for King of the Ring before being handed to Miz as well. There have to be other guys on the roster that could have been fed to Miz, no?

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The Right Man Moves On

Chad Gable has a chance to capitalize on an amazing run at Clash of Champions. His run is similar to Kurt Angle’s in 2000, a comparison many are making. Gable has the wrestling skills, and the goofy charm that made Angle such a well-rounded performer. If WWE wants to, they have a potential upper midcard stud ready to burst out. Have him win against Corbin and Gable will be a made man.

Grade: B

Unlike Raw, this episode felt like a true go-home show. Kofi Kingston got to relive one of his biggest moments in MSG against Randy Orton before their clash. Rowan and Roman Reigns got even more heat for their match, which is now no disqualification. Gable looks like a million bucks going into Clash of Champions. Overall, an enjoyable show with no real “amazing” moments.

One More Thing: 

Erick Rowan was real mad today. So mad he threw a fan.



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