Raiders/Chiefs Preview: The Defensive Line

Oakland Raiders Rival: Chiefs DE Frank Clark

Fresh off their dominant performance on Monday night, the offensive line of the Oakland Raiders sets their sights on the Chiefs. For this line to continue their successful start, they will need to combat the front seven of Kansas City. Granted, the Chiefs do not employ a rusher on the level of Chubb or Miller. However, they present a different set of worry within their scheme.

The Mastermind

If you look at Steve Spagnuolo’s record, you emerge rather unimpressed. On the other hand, if you break down his scheme, it leaves you intrigued. The Raiders will need to quickly diagnose what the defense brings. First, and most importantly, the Chiefs ditched their 3-4 look. Spagnuolo favors the 4-3 with a bit of a different lean. With this approach, the Chiefs will send a myriad of different blitz combinations. On top of that, the frequency of extra rushers. Additionally, the Chiefs will use the NASCAR package during passing downs. That is to say, the defensive line will not include a nose tackle. Instead, the Chiefs will either move Frank Clark inside and insert Emmanuel Ogbah. Now, the Chiefs will send for oass rushers upfield. Whatever the Raiders intend on planning, the play mustn’t take a while to develop

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In the offseason, the team traded for Seattle DE Frank Clark. Fans should remember him from the daylight mugging of Kolton Miller, Despite that manhandling, this version of Miller seems rather confident and steadier. Meanwhile, Clark uses nimble feet and outstanding bull rush. In addition, Clark win on stunts and loops. Plus, his rip will catch slow-footed/sloppy tackles off guard. With Clark on the outside, the Chris Jones provides the teeth to the Cheifs’ defense. For his size, Jones, can win with a quick first step, in concert with long arms and thundering hands. With the team starting two reserve guards, look for Jones to occupy the same side of the line as Clark. If you are the Raiders which one deserves the attention?


When the Raiders struggled along the line in 2018, many wanted Tom Cable’s job. Yet, through one game, he managed to stave off the hot seat. Perhaps no coach will incite the ire of the fanbase more than Tom Cable. People want results, and wants success now.

Given these points, the Chiefs will attempt to throw the kitchen sink at the Raiders. The offensive line must work as a cohesive unit and communicate. The Chiefs bring a blitz-heavy style, which forces chaos.


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