One of the key points that Buffalo Bills manager Brandon Beane and head coach Sean McDermott stressed about during the offseason was to obtain the necessary help to improve the development of second-year quarterback, Josh Allen. The Bills lacked the receiving core for Allen in his rookie season. Zay Jones finished as the teams’ best receiver in 2018 statistically.

The team recruited wide receivers’ Cole Beasley and John Brown, both proven stable and reliable targets for the young quarterback. Beasley was brought in to serve the role of a slot receiver while Brown would handle the deep routes with his flashy speed. All of a sudden, the Bills now have two legit starters on the outside, while still having Jones and Robert Foster.

The hype around Beasley is definitely understood. A pass-catching player who seems to have glue for hands is what Allen needs. Although, Brown has established himself as a stable deep threat. After Sunday’s game against the Jets, Brown is a clear favorite as Allen’s top target.

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Brown finished the game against the Jets with seven receptions with 123 yards and a game winning touchdown to complete the comeback. The Bills took full advantage of the restless Jets secondary in the fourth quarter and Brown seemed to be opened more than a 7/11 store.

With the Bills heading into week two facing the New York Giants, will we see more of the Allen-to-Brown combo?

The Giants were the almighty victims of the Dallas Cowboys’ passing attack in week one. The Bills do not have the offense the Cowboys possess, but they could easily come out of the gates throwing the ball just as they did against the Jets. Brown will serve as a big role in the offense again and potentially as Allen’s number one wideout.

While Beasley can still be the dangerous weapon we all know he is, Brown puts himself in the “X” spot on the offense. With a weak Giants secondary, Allen should have a field day with Brown.


-Brandon Ray is a Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage and covers the Buffalo Bills. Brandon can be followed on Twitter at @brandon_ray79

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