It’s never easy to admit when your team has a flaw. For the Atlanta Falcons, they have a glaring flaw that has been exposed on some of the biggest stages.

In 2016, Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Leodis McKelvin gave his thoughts on Atlanta’s offense, “They are a front-running team” He told reporters (ESPN). Perhaps foreshadowing what would become the truth later that year. Let’s not forget that the Eagles hosted the Falcons during the regular season in 2016. A game where the Falcon’s high powered offense was only able to put up 15 points. Unable to grasp any momentum, ultimately hindering the opportunity for the offense to make explosive plays.

Even in 2016, team’s knew exactly who the Atlanta Falcons were. Knock them around a little bit and they become less effective. McKelvin and the Eagles prioritized getting a few stops early and eventually, that would cause Atlanta to slow down.

2012 NFC Championship and Super Bowl LI

Looking back, we see that the Falcons have put themselves in the spotlight when it comes to losing games. Not only are they losing, but they are also giving up large leads. The first game that comes to mind is the 2012 NFC Championship. A firey Atlanta Falcons offense got off to a quick 17 point lead against the 49ers. It looked like they had an opportunity to play the Super Bowl in New Orleans. Instead, the lights shut off on the offense and San Franciso stormed back and won the game.

The Super Bowl … Well, let’s not go there. We know what happened and I don’t need to put us through that again.

Moving Forward

Week one was a fine example. Minnesota got off to an incredible start and was able to put the Falcons away before the game even started. From the very first snap, the game was controlled by the Vikings.

This is the problem that the Falcons have faced for several years now. Unfortunately, it’s how they are labeled as well. A front-running team that can’t sustain a lead. Without maintaining a firey pulse for 60 minutes, the Falcons wilt under pressure. I hate to be the one to admit the hard truth, but the Falcons are exactly who we thought they were.





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