The Titans dropped their home opener to the Indianapolis Colts today by a score of 19-17. It was a bit of a scorcher, with a high of around 95 degrees. But while it was hot outside, the Titans offense was certainly the opposite of hot.

Mariota’s Struggles

Marcus Mariota didn’t have a great game. Completing only 19 passes for 154 yards and being a good bit of the reason the offense was so stagnant today. Mariota missed some easy throws. However, the main story with him was holding on to the ball and taking some unnecessary sacks.

Those sacks proved crucial in the field position game and keeping the Titans on the field. The interior offensive line didn’t do him any favors, letting up a lot of interior pressure and not giving Mariota enough time to throw. But Mariota still played his part in creating an unsuccessful offense today.

Key Weapons Fall Short Again

Delanie Walker was great in the 1st half in today’s game, but didn’t make as much of an impact in the second. Almost like he disappeared within the Titans offense. That clearly frustrated Walker, as after the game, he gave a lot of one worded answers to questions from media. Clearly wanting to move on from the game quickly.

Corey Davis and Adam Humphries once again failed to make a big impact on offense. Now a large portion of this isn’t their fault. You can sit and come up with a nice number of ways to get both of those guys more involved in the offense. Screens and jet sweeps to these guys just can’t be their only ways to get going.

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Pull out some trickery and create matchups that are favorable to them getting success. Do anything other than not moving them around and putting them in great spots to succeed. Especialy Humphries, considering he’s the big ticket free agent and can really change an offense when he’s at the top of his game.

Or when an offense is doing their best to get him involved.

If the Titans don’t find ways to get those 2 involved more often, the offense isn’t going to come out of this disgusting rut that they’re in.

Defense Solid Again, But Not Great

On defense, the Titans surely didn’t play an awful game. But like the offense, they made plenty mistakes that they would love to have back.

Especially early in the game, as they couldn’t take down Jacoby Brissett for would be sacks. This happened around 3-4 times during the game, and with it happening that many times, you lose chances to get off the field and give the ball to your offense.

The Titans defense is good, but they’d be even better if they finish the excellent opportunities that are presented to them.

As for the game itself, it was another game and another underwhelming loss to the Colts. The Colts had no business being in the game so late, but the Titans took the chances that were given to them and absolutely blew them.

Doing so, gave the Titans another loss to Indy and another reminder that this team isn’t ready to go from good to great just yet.

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