WWE Raw Recap: September 16, 2019

A.K.A. The One With A Fiend, A Demon, And A Baby Daddy


  • The O.C. def. Cedric Alexander & Viking Raiders
  • Baron Corbin def. Chad Gable to win the King of the Ring Tournament
  • Ricochet def. Mike Kanellis
  • Rusev def. Mike Kanellis
  • Kane def. R-Truth to win the 24/7 Championship
  • Rey Mysterio def. Cesaro
  • Sasha Banks & Bayley def. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross
  • R-Truth def. Kane to win the 24/7 Championship
  • Lacey Evans def. Dana Brooke
  • Seth Rollins def. Robert Roode by disqualification
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Match of the Night: Baron Corbin def. Chad Gable to win the King of the Ring Tournament

What a clinic. These two men went out and told a great story for the King of the Ring finals. Gable played the plucky underdog, and Corbin the cocky heel. It looked to be going Gable’s way, almost making Corbin tap. Eventually, Corbin caught him in an End of Days. It was almost the exact End of Days Corbin used to put Gable away in the Dusty Rhodes Classic in the 2015 Dusty Rhodes Tag team Classic. Talk about a throwback.

Great work by both men in an amazing finals.

Three Thoughts:

Faith In The Fiend

When Bray Wyatt attacked Seth Rollins at Clash of Champions, fans were excited. They were also nervous for Wyatt’s Fiend character to be inserted into the title picture so early. It seemed like too much, too soon for the complex character. Those fears have been put to bed based on Monday’s Raw.

The Fiend’s first promo to Rollins was cryptic. He mentioned how Rollins has done some bad things in his past. If Wyatt is going to pull on the whole career arc of Rollins for their feud, it could be amazing. Rollins has some of the most complex character development of anyone on the roster (even if you don’t like his current iteration). It gives The Fiend plenty to play with for motivation. Seeing him take out Kane at the end of the night was a striking visual; his laughing at a prone Rollins was even more riveting.

Ready. Willing. Gable.

Even though he lost, Chad Gable has become a made man. He put in an amazing performance while getting the whole crowd on his side. Gable’s size can be an advantage for him in drawing sympathy from fans. We’ve written on the site about how becoming King of the Ring could have made Gable into the next Kurt Angle. Another comparison is now fitting: Daniel Bryan. The technical acumen and love from die-hard fans could make Gable into the next American Dragon.

Rusev Returns So Weirdly

There was a gender reveal party on Raw and of course it went terribly. First Maria said Ricochet was her baby daddy.

After Ricochet beat Mike Kanellis easily, Maria appeared to introduce the real father of her new child… Rusev. The Bulgarian Brute looked amazing, appearing ripped and with a new moustache. He manhandled Mike and made him look foolish. Even though it’s great to see Rusev back, it’s a very weird angle for him. He has been successfully paired with real-life wife Lana on screen before. WWE likes to shake things up from time to time, but this is too far a stretch of the imagination.

Grade: B+

There were some weird bits tonight, especially with the Rusev-Kanellis stuff. Overall, it was an enjoyable Raw. The main feuds of Rollins-Fiend, Lynch-Banks and Bayley-Charlotte were all furthered. The King of the Ring finals was a great match, and Cesaro and Mysterio had a great contest. It was a surprisingly swift three hours of wrestling. Plus, the Fiend is amazing.

One More Thing: 

Mayor Glen Jacobs won the 24/7 Championship while giving R-Truth a tour of the University of Tennessee. Show that sentence to a fan from 2001 and watch their head explode.

Kane made an appearance in gimmick to end the night, and showed he is still great at clearing a ring. 

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