Why the Eagles Should Trade For Jalen Ramsey

By Evan Tonrey

On Monday evening, reports surfaced that All-Pro Defensive Back Jalen Ramsey wants out of Jacksonville. The 24-year-old superstar requested a trade following a verbal altercation with Coach Doug Marrone during their game on Sunday. Jalen Ramsey is causing quite the stir around the league, as many teams are quickly looking into the Jag’s asking price. Though Ramsey can be hot-headed and cocky, his game backs up his words and with the proper locker room presence, can be tamed into an all-business player. I believe the Eagles should absolutely make the call and trade for Ramsey. Here’s why – 


Jalen Ramsey is arguably the best all-around corner in the league. His skills in 1 on 1 coverage are unmatched by any other back in the NFL. Coming into his 4th year, Ramsey already boasts an impressive 9 interceptions, 45 passes defended, and 202 total tackles. There’s no doubt to Ramsey’s skill, and he would be an immediate upgrade to a bruised secondary. Just last week against Deandre Hopkins, a top 3 receiver in the NFL, Ramsey was able to hold him to just 5 catches for 40 yards. Ramsey has made it clear he wishes to be used in man coverage, a defense Jim Schwartz often runs. He would be a perfect fit in our defensive system and would instantly produce stellar results.

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While the Eagles have solid depth at the cornerback position, the injury bug continues to ravage the secondary. Starter Jalen Mills and rising corner Cre’Von LeBlanc both have foot injuries and are not expected to return soon. Ronald Darby had a poor performance against the Falcons last week getting burned by Calvin Ridley multiple times, once for a touchdown. The week two loss proved more than anything there’s a huge liability in the secondary, one that could be easily fixed with a trade for Ramsey. Not only would he fit nicely across from former Seminole Ronald Darby, Ramsey’s ability to go toe to toe not only will lock up star receivers, allowing safeties to assist with other matchups across the field. All of this, in turn, creates more time for our lacking D-line to get to the QB. Jalen Ramsey is the key ingredient to complete the No-Fly Zone.

The Trade

The Jags are asking for 2 first rounders to make this deal happen. Given the magic of Howie Roseman, I think we can certainly get him for less. I am more than okay with tossing in a 1st rounder. Ramsey is a remarkable talent, and certainly better than anyone we can grab with a late first-round pick. Whether it be multiple picks, or a pick and a player like Rasul Douglas, I think Rossman needs to get this one done and make this defense one to fear for years to come. Ramsey is the secret to getting back to the Bowl, and being a contender for years to come. Let’s hope it gets done.

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