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Update on Hardy Boyz Contracts

When will the Hardy Boyz be free agents? Matt and Jeff Hardy will have different contract end dates, according to Fightful. Jeff Hardy has had his contract extended due to injury. It has been extended for at least an extra year due to his being out with injuries.

Both Hardys’ contracts have been rolled over into 2020, but Jeff’s now has extra time tacked on. Matt Hardy’s contract is scheduled to expire in March 2020. For at least another year, the Hardy Boyz as a duo won’t be going anywhere.

SmackDown Live Theme Song Spoiled?

When SmackDown moves to Fox on October 4th, a new theme may come with it (h/t WrestlingInc). Brock Lesnar challenged Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship on the latest episode of SmackDown. When advertising the title match, SmackDown used a different theme: Are You Ready by AC/DC. No word on if the change is official.

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NWA Unveils New Logo

The National Wrestling Alliance is beginning tapings in Atlanta for their new studio show at the end of the month. On Wednesday, NWA President Billy Corgan unveiled a new logo celebrating the company’s ties with Georgia. The logo prominently features Georgia (h/t FightFul).

It was also announced that Rock N Roll Express will be at the October 1st tapings. The team of Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton have been five time NWA Tag Team Champions before.

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