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More WWE Returns Planned

In the past week, Rusev, Luke Harper, Authors of Pain, Brock Lesnar, and Lio Rush have returned to WWE television. According to Dave Meltzer (h/t r/SquaredCircle) more returns are coming soon. 

The Usos are ready to return once a storyline is planned for them. Sheamus is ready to return from spinal stenosis as well. He is just waiting for a storyline to come back too.

Not in the category of “soon to return” is Jason Jordan. More and more it is looking like Jordan’s in-ring career is over and he won’t return, according to reports.

Maria Kanellis Pregnancy Storyline Rumors

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In one of the strangest storylines of recent memory, Maria Kanellis has been claiming different wrestlers are the father of her unborn baby. On Raw she claimed it was Ricochet and Rusev. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t WrestlingInc) this will be the next big mystery in WWE. Now that the “who is trying to murder Roman Reigns” story has seemingly come to a conclusion, the parentage of Maria’s unborn son will be the main mystery. It is noted that Rusev is not planned to be the father, and it is meant to be a comedy angle instead of a major reveal.

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Joaquin Wilde Injured

NXT star Joaquin Wilde is out and must undergo surgery. According to ProWrestlingSheet, Wilde broke his eye socket during training. The former DJZ suffered the injury in July, and only now will be getting surgery. He is only expected to miss a few weeks after surgery.

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