Who will be crowned the first AEW Tag Team Champions?

AEW recently released the bracket for their Tag Team Championship tournament. The tournament begins on their second ever television show October 9th. There are some very well-known teams in the seven-team field, including company Executive Vice-Presidents the Young Bucks. One team has an automatic bye to the second round: The Dark Order, consisting of Evil Uno and Stu Grayson.

Will the bye give The Dark Order a better path to victory? Are the titles the Young Bucks to lose? Will another surprise team emerge? Let’s predict the Tag Team Championship Tournament

First Round:

  • Private Party over Young Bucks
  • Lucha Bros over Jungle Express
  • Best Friends over SCU

A big shocker in the first round. The Young Bucks are one of the best tag teams in the world and are on a win streak in AEW. If Private Party defeats them, they’ll automatically be raised in the eyes of the fans. Marq Quen and Isiah Cassidy had impressive performances in AEW so far. A win here makes them instant title contenders, and makes the title tournament that much more interesting.

Lucha Bros. will have a great match with Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus, a.k.a. Jungle Express. Jungle Express are extremely popular, and will put up a good fight. Still, they don’t need to get a title win to remain popular fan favorites.

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Finally, Best Friends will get a win over ⅔ of So-Cal Uncensored. This sets up a rematch with Best Friends squaring off against The Dark Order after their clash at All Out.

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Semi Finals:

  • Private Party over Lucha Bros
  • Dark Order over Best Friends

If you’re going to make new stars, you might as well go all the way with it. After a surprising first round win, Private Party continues their hot streak. Wins over the two best-known teams in AEW could make Private Party the talk of the wrestling world.


In an All Out rematch, Dark Order and Best Friends could have another good match. Best Friends are extremely entertaining, but might not be the best choice for first-ever champions. It will require outside interference from their minions, but the former Super Smash Bros get it done and take advantage of their bye.


  • Dark Order over Private Party

The magical run of Marq Quen and Isiah Cassidy ends in the finals. Having a babyface run for the ages will make them a potential first challenger for the new champs. In the end, the Dark Order feel like they could be the first big bads to build the tag division around. AEW seems committed to the team’s gimmick, giving them minions and prominent spots. Any number of babyface teams could present a great first challenge: Lucha Bros, Jungle Express, or even the Young Bucks. For the first time the titles are awarded though, they will go to the Dark Order.

This is just one way to fantasy book the tournament – what would yours be? Let us know on Twitter at @FPC_Wrestling or in the comments below.

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