It has been seven years since the Buffalo Bills started out 3-0 in the regular season and the last time they started the season 4-0…was back in 2008. The Bills have a chance to take the lead in the AFC East but they will have to go through Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to do so. Both teams have faced weaker teams the past three weeks so both teams should be introduced to tougher competition.

There is no doubt that the Patriots are for real this season. Some are predicting that this 2007 2.0 for them. The defense has yet to allow a touchdown this year and the point differential is +89. Brady and the offense have put up numbers that have been beyond impressive.

The Bills have been playing lights out defense the past three weeks. They have contained three of the top running backs in the league (Le’Veon Bell, Saquon Barkley and Joe Mixon). The passing defense has been almost unstoppable. The unit leads the league in passes blocked.

The key factor of the Bills offense has been getting the job done when it matters the most. Like past years, the Bills tend to crumble late in the game, especially in close games. Through three weeks they have comeback to beat the Jets, run the clock out on the Giants and punching the ball into the end zone with less than minutes left against the Bengals.


The Competition 

The Patriots have faced the Steelers, who are discombobulated as of right now, the Dolphins who…shall I get into that? Finally, they took down the Jets whose starting quarterback was Luke Falk. The Patriots have not faced serious competition just yet.

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The Bills are on the same level. The Jets have not been the same since their loss agains the Bills in week one, the Giants relied on Barkley in week two and the Bills stopped them after the first touchdown drive of the game and the Bengals gave the Bills a scare but Josh Allen was able pull out the victory.


What To Expect At Orchard Park

Well for one, the Bills Mafia will be loud and will serve as a factor in this game. The Bills players have credited the fanbase for their support.

The Patriots offense is looking to be explosive, but this Bills defense is by far the best they will see this Sunday. The Bills defensive unit creates pressure, the linebackers can stop the run and go into coverage and the backfield of Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer have been excellent this season.

The Bills offense will face their toughest competition of the season so far. The Patriots offense is always a threat and the defense has been shutting down offenses’ through three weeks. Although, there has to be credit given to the offense. They have been converting on third downs and Allen is still making the plays with his legs.

The biggest key for the Bills to obtain a win? Playing the game mistake-free. The Patriots live off of their opponents making crucial mistakes that allows Brady to capitalize. Allen and the offense have a lot of work to do to prepare this Sunday.


-Brandon Ray is a Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage and covers the Buffalo Bills. Brandon can be followed on Twitter at @brandon_ray79. Make sure to follow @FPC_Bills for Bills content. 

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