After another subpar offensive performance, the Oakland Raiders need answers. Granted, the Minnesota Vikings present a stiff defensive challenge. Yet, with the franchise quarterback and a supposedly sound offensive scheme, generating fourteen points would not be the end of the scoring. To answer where the Raiders failed yesterday, FPC writers Ray Aspuria, Kenneth Berry and Terrance Biggs discuss what went wrong.

Where did the offense fail most yesterday? What would you fix, going forward?


Getting the ball to tight end Darren Waller from the get-go. He’s clearly the Raiders most dynamic weapon and should be featured from first snap to last. 

Even if teams double team Waller, the Raiders must force feed the tight end. He’s a matchup nightmare and can beat a variety of coverages. 


The offense has no one a defense is forced to respect deep. The system is set up for precision and safe throws. Teams can force a conservative offense to collapse on itself. This offense isn’t designed to attack a defense’s weaknesses. It’s formed to coexist with the opposing defenses strengths. The offense got beat physically and schematically. Derek Carr is completing 73 percent of his passes, but has four touchdowns and three interceptions. It’s a recipe for offensive ineptitude.

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Again, the Raiders did not attempt to make an aggressive team pay. In fact, Vikings’ coach Mike Zimmer accused the Raiders of ” being afraid of the blitz”. That is to say, Gruden and Carr took the ultra-safe route of checkdowns, instead of forcing Minnesota to play honest. Granted, Carr found Nelson deep on a flea flicker. Yet, there wasn’t a threat of hurting Minnesota. Additionally, the Raiders need a second wideout to step forward. Renfrow and Nelson are third and fourth receivers, at this point. Neither can command serious attention. However, with the season underway, one of the needs to.

 In essence, the Oakland Raiders failed offensively, again. As a result, the games seem interminably long. If the team wants to succeed, Gruden and Carr need to construct a creative gameplan. This is the roster they chose. Under those circumstances, fashioning something workable needs to happen soon. If not, the last season in the Bay will be a nightmare for all involved.

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