Football is still arguably the biggest sport in America, with an estimated 115 million fans following it. From the Los Angeles Rams to the Chicago Bears and the New York Giants, there are teams all over the country for fans to support. Now that the new NFL season has kicked off, many will choose to bet on the outcome of games to win money in addition to watching matches. This could be betting NFL online in PA casinos or in other states where sports betting online is legal.

The season has been underway for a little while now, and this gives NFL followers the ideal chance to see how things are shaping up. But is everything going according to how many thought it would?

Business as usual for the Patriots

Last season’s Super Bowl champions came into the 2019/20 season expecting to continue from where they left off. With three wins from three games in the AFC East division, the New England Patriots are carrying on as if the previous campaign had not finished at all! What is really impressive though has been the way that they have crushed teams so far and dominated games.

Pick of the bunch had to be week two’s 43-0 destruction of the Miami Dolphins, but a 33-3 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers and a 30-14 win against the New York Jets were also pretty amazing. Tom Brady, in particular, has performed to his usual high standards – in the last game against the Jets, his figures were 28 from 42 passes for 306 yards gained. In terms of the whole NFL, this is something that has shaped up as many thought it would.

Browns not living up to the hype

Although the Cleveland Browns failing to perform is not that shocking for many people, for this particular season, it is a little. Some expert NFL predictions preseason held that the talented roster they finally had to call upon would see them be ones to watch for a playoff run in 2019/20.

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With much-hyped QB Baker Mayfield and WR Odell Beckham Jr in place and with coach Freddie Kitchens ready to impress, it seemed that everything was ready for the Browns to deliver at last. However, this has not gone according to plan so far! Two losses from three games have seen them sit in second place in the AFC North behind the Baltimore Ravens. The latest 20-13 loss to the Rams at home summed up their current issues – a misfiring offense that sees Mayfield too easily nullified and frustrated.

Colts do better than some thought

When Andrew Luck retired pretty much the night before the NFL season began again, many thought that this left-field move would sink the Indianapolis Colts campaign. So far though, this has not turned out how many predicted at all. They have won two out of their three games and look to have adjusted to life without Luck pretty well.

This saw them edge a close game against the Atlanta Falcons 27-24 in week three, which is a decent result, considering how the Falcons are playing. Jacoby Brissett is one of the major reasons for this and has proved himself as an able replacement at QB for Luck. With their defensive game also in good form, they are proving hard to play against while also dangerous on the attack. Not many people put them as a team to watch before the season began, but this may change now.

Rams and Cowboys shine as expected

After losing out to New England in last year’s Super Bowl, everyone expected the Rams to bounce back hungrier than ever. This has turned out to be true as they sit atop the NFC West with a three-from-three record currently. In truth, they have simply carried on their fine form from last season,which has seen them be tough to score against and dangerous on the offense.

In the NFC East, the Dallas Cowboys are also doing just what many expected before the campaign began. Their most recent 31-6 win against a hapless Dolphins team was certainly something thatmany thought would happen! With top players such as Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper hitting the form that people demanded of them, it has led to the team being where many expected them to be.

NFL has the usual mix of thrills and spills

As you would expect in an NFL season, there is actually a mixture of surprises and certainties panning out in how the tables are shaping up right now. Dominant teams such as the Rams and the Patriots are picking up wins as many predicted, while others such as the Browns and the Colts are not quite following the script. Whatever happens next, it is sure to be an exciting ride!

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