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WWE Using Pyro Again?

With changes to sets apparently coming soon, WWE could also return to using pyro. According to WrestleVotes on Twitter (h/t WrestlingInc), pyro will make a comeback to WWE regular programming. Pyro has not been a part of regular WWE programming for a few years. Instead, WWE has typically saved it for Wrestlemania or other large events.

The Revival Contract Update

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder may not have signed new contracts with WWE as of yet. According to Fightful, The Revival had not signed new contracts as of their Clash of Champions title win. This means one of the most popular tag teams in wrestling could be free agents next year. Fightful also reports that their contracts were originally scheduled to expire in the spring. WWE added extra time onto Dash Wilder’s contract due to injury last year.

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Mickie James New Roles?

WWE star Mickie James has been out of the ring since June, but may be back in a different role. This week, James was on commentary for Main Event alongside Vic Joseph and Dio Maddin (h/t WrestlingInc). It is unknown if this is a permanent position for James.

James has also potentially been working backstage as a producer as well, according to PWInsider. There is no word as of now if James will be returning to the ring as well.

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