The famous phrase of death and taxes being the only things guaranteed in life is a quote used by many individuals. Most football fans or anyone associated with the sport would argue that the third guarantee is Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady defeating the Buffalo Bills twice a year.

There have only been two times in Brady’s career where he has played the entire game against the Bills and lost. In 2003 where the Bills shutout Brady and the Patriots 31-0 and in 2011 where Ryan Fitzpatrick led a comeback to beat the Patriots 34-31, forcing Brady to throw a career high four interceptions in one game.

The third time that the Bills defeated the Patriots, Brady played only the first quarter before then-rookie Jimmy Garoppolo took over. The Bills have heavily struggled against the Brady-led Patriots offense. This could be due to offensive play, defensive play, costly mistakes or lack of discipline.

The Bills have surrendered seven consecutive losses to Brady when they play in western New York. Brady has beaten the Bills fifteen times in Buffalo since Brady’s arrival to the NFL.

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Brady has thrown for 34 career touchdowns in Buffalo alone. He has racked up 4,814 yards against the Bills in Buffalo. The last time the Bills had a quarterback throw for over 4,000 yards in one season was Drew Bledsoe back in 2002. He has the upper edge on the team, seeming to be the team’s biggest kryptonite. The Bills have historically not been able to stop Brady and Brady does not look to be aging this season so far.

Last season, the Patriots defeated the Bills in Buffalo 25-6 where not Josh Allen played, but Derek Anderson took over for an injured Allen.

It is cut clear that Brady has had more than success against the Bills in Buffalo. With the Patriots coming to town this week, Brady looks to lead this dangerous offense he has going this year. The offense has beaten down their opponents the last three weeks. Granted, those teams have not won a game this season.

The Bills defense is more disciplined under Sean McDermott and they should putting together a plan to contain Brady and the offense. This will involve creating constant pressure, playing smart hard-nosed football and being mistake-free.

Will Brady continue his book of dominance of the Bills in Orchard Park or can this 3-0 Bills squad but a dent in that book? Sunday is the day to find out.


-Brandon Ray is a Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage and covers the Buffalo Bills. Make sure to follow Brandon on Twitter at @brandon_ray79. 

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