Three games and with a trip to Indy on the horizon, the Oakland Raiders still look rather puzzling. With so much occurring, Full Press Raiders writers Ray Aspuria and Kenneth Berry jump in and discuss.

Who will be the offensive and defensive scapegoats?


Derek Carr and Curtis Riley.

Many in RaiderNation will point to players over coaching and, since Gruden for the 10-year pact, easier to blame a player that’s expendable instead of the head coach. 

Carr didn’t didn’t do himself any favors getting happy feet and jittery in the pocket after the first read wasn’t viable. Looking around the NFL on Sunday, you saw rookie QBs going through progressions and taking off when need be. What saw from DC4 was hesitation and panic. Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer was blunt when he said “Raiders were afraid of the blitz and went to max protect and we still beat it.”

There was fear from the Oakland O and or begins with the play caller and QB. 

As long as Riley is on the field, fans have a scapegoat for Paul Guenther’s clearly inferior scheme and talent level. 


When in doubt, blame the coordinators. The offense is in hotter water than the defense. Corners might get cut and wide receiver is going to be log-jammed with who can make an impact. Hunter Renfrow isn’t cutting it at eight yards a catch by the way.

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What have you seen in Kolton Miller, to this point that surprised or disappointed you? 


He’s healthy and it’s showing. While hell always be scrutinized by the fanbase, Miller isn’t as horrendous as made out to be. 

Surprising: A more muscular Miller still retains his speed and agility but a quick strike passing game helps him tremendously. 

Disappointment: If the Raiders can’t dink and dunk their way down the field, Miller can still be victimized. 


Kolton Miller is at best an above average right tackle in a zone scheme with left tackle athleticism and modest blocking ability. It’s disappointing to see him not making strides as a left tackle in the run game but he still has a high ceiling. The jury is still out but he is what his tape says he is.

Considering the Colts have no allowed a 100 yard rushed in 21 games, what can the team do to spring Josh Jacobs without abusing his carries?


Quick pitches and stretch runs should open lanes and keep a defense guessing. 

But, in reality, it will be extremely difficult. 

The Raiders need to change approach and pass to set up the run. Throw the ball early and often to create a lead and run it with advantage in hand. 


Attack the perimeter with the Colts having injuries to Jabaal Sheard. Go back to dominant run blocking in between the A & B gaps and get Jacob downhill fast. That’s their only hope.

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