The second quarter of the season is officially under way for the Buffalo Bills. The team heads into October at 3-1 with victories over the New York Jets, New York Giants and Cincinnati Bengals. Their first loss occurred this past Sunday against the New England Patriots.

In the past five seasons, dating back to 2014, the Bills are 11-10 during that span. October is the start of the pressure for teams to make a playoff run. The Bills are in the mix to securing a wild card spot…right now. The good news for this run, the Bills only have one road game, a bye week then will be home for three consecutive weeks in October and early November.


Week 5: @ Tennessee Titans

The Titans will host the Bills this Sunday in a feisty matchup of defense vs defense. The Titans have a hard-hitting defense and play physical in all four quarters. The Bills defense has elevated themselves up to elite status through the first four weeks. Both offenses’ are inconsistent but can spark at any moment on one play.

These two teams faced off last season and the Bills kicked a game-winning field goal to steal the win. Both teams will be in the hunt for a playoff spot in the AFC.


Week 6: Bye Week


Week 7: vs. Miami Dolphins

Yes, the Dolphins are just flat out awful this season. The quarterback situation is a horrible and the overall team talent is just not there. You can never count out an opponent. Division games are always the toughest, and the Bills tend to not do well against the trap games. If the Bills cannot win this game by a landslide, the Bills will struggle against better competition.

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Week 8: vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are sitting at 2-2 on the season and have been in every game until the end. They have won by no more than seven and have lost by no more than four. The Eagles offense is a vertical threat and the running game features different backs who can go off at any time.

The Bills offense will have to take on a defense that is nasty upfront. Although, whether it is Josh Allen or Matt Barkley (pending the concussion protocol for Allen), the Eagles defense looks vulnerable against the pass. The Bills offense has a chance to get something going but they cannot afford any mistakes to clinch this game.


Week 9: vs. Washington Redskins

The Redskins are a mess right now. Starting out 0-4, including a blowout 24-3 loss against the Giants, the Redskins look to be going backwards rather than forward. Jay Gruden looks to be on the hot seat and the quarterback position is not set in stone at all. The Redskins defense can be tough, but they have not lived up to expectations that some had of them entering the season.


October Prediction 

The Bills have a good chance at going 3-1, even 4-0 through this span in the second quarter. With the way the defense has been playing, it will be tough for any offense to score on them. The offense has to get things clicking to get ahead and not put pressure on the defense. For this span, I see the Bills going 3-1 during this span which would lead them to a 6-2 record for November, when the cold weather plays as a factor.


-Brandon Ray is a Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage and covers the Buffalo Bills. Make sure to follow Brandon on Twitter at @brandon_ray79. 

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