On Sunday, the Oakland Raiders pulled their record even at 2-2. More importantly, I was fortunate enough to see this live and in person. With their 31-24 victory, the Raiders silenced a few doubters this week.


Living in Michigan means that I️ don’t get the opportunity to see many Raiders games live, so when the opportunity presented itself to go see a game at Lucas Oil Stadium, I️ couldn’t say no. The GPS told me it was a five-hour drive to Indianapolis, but it felt like a two-day venture. My excitement levels were at an all-time high, but so were my nerves. 

Crowd Size

The ratio of Colts fans to Raiders fans was probably 10:1 but Oakland travels loudly and swaggered boisterously into Indianapolis and came close to matching the cheers of the home fans as the Raiders whittled the Colts away. I️ sat in the upper-upper deck, as all fans should, and it is incredibly interesting to watch plays and routes develop. 

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The energy of the Colts fans started out fairly optimistic until the Raiders delivered a swift one-two punch in the first quarter to go up 14-0 and never looked back. There were countless penalties in the game, and it was interesting to hear Colts fans complaining that the refs hate them, when we all know which of the teams has set records upon records for penalties. 


On the drive in, I came to the realization that due to drive time, I would be unable to watch any other NFL game today. In hindsight, I would rather watch the boys in Silver and Black win than have every NFL game at my disposal. Overall, infiltrating Lucas Oil Stadium with my fellow members of RaiderNation was the best way to spend my Sunday. Overall, I could not ask for more.



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