Exiting the Week 4 Bye without a win is tough for any team. However, the last time the Jets suffered an 0-3 start to the season was all the way back in 2003. The Jets would battle to a 6-10 record under Herman Edwards and Chad Pennington. History certainly isn’t on New York’s side, however. And with some players in a contract year in an already underachieving season, there could be some pieces that new General Manager Joe Douglas ships out to help build toward the future. 

Below are a few pieces that Douglas could trade away, seeing as the 2019 regular season is already a quarter of the way finished. With just four weeks remaining until the trade deadline, these players could find themselves out of green and white before the end of the year.

Leonard Williams – Defensive End 

Williams was the first pick under then first year General Manager Mike Maccagnan, taking him sixth overall in the 2015 NFL draft. It’s no surprise that that specific draft was one of the worst drafts for the Jets, as Leonard Williams remains the lone member of the class to remain on the roster. That may not be for much longer, however. Williams has gone three games with Gang Green this year with ten recorded tackles and zero sacks. 

Ever since his 2016 season, which seems so very long ago, Williams just hasn’t been the same player. The Jets desperately need a pass rush, recording just five so far on the year. The Jets needed Quinnen Williams to help Leonard Williams perform better, but thanks to a lasting injury suffered during week one, Quinnen hasn’t been around, showing how much more reliant Leonard is on help. 

Williams could be a trade deadline piece, as actively shopping him may not be a major concern at the moment. A team in a “Win Now” situation could make a huge push for the pass rusher come the deadline. 

Possible Destinations: Green Bay Packers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs.

The Packers are listed highly because of their evident need of somebody who can stop the run. Shown evidently in their Thursday night matchup against the Eagles. Jacksonville seemingly loves loading up on that defensive line, and another body who won’t be the number one pass rusher like Williams could see some success. 

Kansas City could use all the help they can get on defense. Finding a way to make it so Patrick Mahomes doesn’t need to throw for 400 yards every week. He has proven he can, but a little assistance never hurt. 

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Trumaine Johnson – Cornerback 

The Jets made a huge mistake in free agency prior to the 2018 season by signing the then-highly rated cornerback free agent Trumaine Johnson for a tasty $72,000,000 over five years. It is not a surprise that the Jets could be looking to cut ties with Johnson. His disappointment hasn’t been kept secret at all. After a disappointing opening weekend, Johnson found himself on the bench. To some, this seems like a waste of valuable cap and roster space. 

While Johnson did not request a trade, Douglas could be trying to put as much distance between himself and previous deals made by the former heads of office (and with good reason). Johnson boasts an unimpressive 49.7 PFF grade. This meaning that if it doesn’t change, there’s no way that Douglas allows him to remain in New York for much longer. 

Possible destinations: Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs 

The Eagles have assembled a Super Bowl caliber roster — but it all rests on the question of whether or not they can stay healthy. Unfortunately for Philly, the secondary has been depleted by injuries. While quite the expensive price tag, Johnson could act as an upgrade to a unit that has so far suffered. Chicago’s defense is stout, and that’s no surprise to anybody. However, getting themselves another cornerback to assist their secondary wouldn’t hurt. It could be a win win for both teams. Kansas City has needs all over the defense. See Kansas City’s reasoning above. 

Robby Anderson – Wide Receiver 

Robby Anderson is widely considered a fan favorite of the team, and perhaps has yet to reach his full potential as a deep threat. This is not on him at all, as his strength is killing defensive backs with his speed. He suffers when any quarterback, regardless of who’s under center, is leveled by an unblocked defensive linemen. While it would hurt to let the best undrafted free agent signing the Jets have had in years walk, building up for the future is paramount for New York. If a team is willing to pay a decent pick, or a few players, for a budding deep threat, the Jets could have the upper hand in negotiations. 

Possible Destinations: Green Bay Packers, Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions. 

The Packers main need could be on defense, but trading for Robby Anderson does make a lot of sense. Aaron Rodgers has proved he is still one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and can still air it out. Pairing Robby Anderson with a rising star in Davante Adams could create a deadly duo for Rodgers to pick apart defenses with. 

The Redskins are certainly rebuilding after their 0-4 start, and with Dwayne Haskins set to be the future of the franchise, they could use a young receiver to build chemistry with. Washington will need to break themselves down and commit to a rebuild soon. Getting a young, proven wide receiver will be a good start. 

Detroit, on the other hand, is a team who could prove to make a playoff push later this season. However, they have one receiver on the wrong side of 30, with Marvin Jones Jr. in the final year of his 20s. Adding Anderson to a class of Golladay, Ammendola, and Jones could let Stafford make a deep playoff run this season. 

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