Sunday night is WWE Hell in a Cell at the ‘Golden 1’ Center in Sacramento, California and is coming of the heels of a star studded debut of Smackdown on Fox this past Friday. Some people believe the Smackdown card was better than the Sunday Hell in a Cell card.

WWE Wrestling has to go up against College Football on Friday and the Packers/Cowboys NFL game Sunday night (here are some FREE football selections) but if you need a break from the gridiron jump over to the WWE Network and watch, what I believe, should be an outstanding PPV card. I can guarantee we will see one major title switch hands and from an oddsmaker point-of-view I do see some plus money winners cashing at the betting window.

So let’s get going with the opening WWE Hell in a Cell betting odds at with my final predictions. Keep in my mind my predictions are what the books will want to see happen and what could make further WWE pay-per-views more interesting in an oddsmakers point of view.

RAW Women’s Championship

Becky Lynch +200
Sasha Banks -300

The last WWE PPV event some of the viewers bashed me on how I wrote up the matchup with Becky Lynch. Guys/Girls some of my input actually comes from wrestling contacts I have in the industry and again I’m talking about what will make the WWE product better. In this RAW Women’s Championship match I’m completely shocked that ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch was bet up to +200 against Sasha Banks. If and when Becky losses the belt I don’t see her losing the belts in a Hell in a Cell PPV (maybe WrestleMania or a Summerslam PPV) and tonight this will be the match of the night and ‘The Man’ keeps her title. We are going to need Becky to win because again money continues to come in on Sasha Banks.

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Prediction: Becky Lynch

Smackdown Singles Match

Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns -300
Erick Rowan & Luke Harper +200

I’m not going to lie I might switch over to the Packers/Cowboys game when this match starts because I just don’t see this match being entertaining. It wouldn’t  shock me to see Daniel Bryan join forces with Rowan & Harper and give Reigns a beat down but at the same time I don’t see Reigns/Bryan losing this match. We will need Rowan/Harper Sunday night but I don’t see it happening.

Prediction: Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns -300

RAW Men’s Championship

Seth Rollins +300
Bray Wyatt -500

I’m the biggest fan of the rebranding of Bray Wyatt who is known as ‘The Fiend’ and with the success of this rebranding I would be shocked to see Seth Rollins win this match. The Cell will close around the champ Sunday night and in past house shows Rollins looks terrified of ‘The Fiend’ and when this PPV is over we will have a new RAW Men’s Champion. Hats off WWE with the rebranding of Bray Wyatt and this ‘Fiend’ storyline will be fun to watch.

Prediction: Bray Wyatt

– Raphael Esparza is a writer/handicapper from Doc’s Sports Service and he is as Oddsmaker Consultant for and follow him @VSIDocsports and his Entertainment odds @BetCelebs.

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