Quarterbacks have so much on their plate in order to carry their team to greatness. For Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson, they have both been vetted as the saviors of their franchises. Both have dealt with injured weapons or shaky offensive line play this season, or just early in their careers. However, the awe inspiring plays each player can pull off at any moment helps to dig their team’s out of holes at any instant.

Usually in our matchup series pieces, we take a look towards a meeting that will actually take place on the field. Quarterbacks don’t actually face other during the games. But for this week, we are going to focus on these two impressive QB’s from the 2017 NFL Draft class. With that said, let’s take a peak at how each passer’s similarities, as well as differences could determine the outcome.

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Draft Day

While the Chiefs did face Deshaun Watson in his rookie season, Patrick Mahomes wasn’t the starter. So, this is the first time they’ll lead their teams against each other. Back in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs traded with the Buffalo Bills to move up 17 spots. Many people believed it was to go and select Watson out of Clemson. When it turned out it was Mahomes, there was some differing opinions on what was the right decision. Two selections later, the Houston Texans also traded up to snatch Watson off the board. We had to wait longer to see Mahomes get a chance to play. It was worth the wait though, for this franchise. Meanwhile, Houston has enjoyed the most stable situation at the position since selecting Watson. It’s safe to say that the draft day outcome has paid off well for each team.


The reason each team has benefitted from these quarterback selections, is quite simply because they both provide hope. We mentioned earlier how both men can make difficult plays or attempts work out. This doesn’t just provide hope for their teammates, the confidence each guy has in himself grows too.

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Furthermore, let’s talk about each player’s cannon of an arm. The arm strength is not just important for completing deep bombs. However, the ability to fire passes and complete quick slants in traffic is not possible for every passer. Also, it is very rare to have the accuracy that Mahomes and Watson both have. Improvisation is yet another similarity. Being able to ad lib on a dime and making difficult throws work from awkward platforms continues to amaze the fans who watch these two compete. Finally it may not always look the same, but Mahomes and Watson seemingly make things work that have never been attempted before.

Wise Beyond His Years

Mahomes maturity has been increasing throughout his tenure as the starter. Something that has been reiterated by him surrounds satisfaction. Here is what Mahomes has continued to preach, especially in the stretch run last year: “We want to put ourselves in this position, but at the same time, we know we still have a long way to go. We’re going to keep in that mentality… of not being satisfied with just being here.” Following a difficult loss to the Colts, Mahomes words reign true as Kansas City hopes to get back track.

One Step At A Time

For Deshaun Watson, the same mentality goes into leadership and preparation. Watson is taking last year into consideration, as he hopes to climb up the ranks. Entering the year, here’s what he had to say: “You can learn from those mistakes I did last year and learn from the good things. This year is just taking another step, and just taking my whole game and this team… to another level.”

This is going to be a game where fans should get their popcorn ready. Anything can happen any given week, especially when Mahomes or Watson has the ball in their hands. For more great sports and NFL content, stay tuned to Full Press Coverage.

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