Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference- October 10, 2019

Read The Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference Transcript Here To Know All About What Tom Had To Talk About Following The Patriots 35-14 Victory Over The New York Giants

Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference

Tom Brady Postgame Press Conference- October 10, 2019

Q: How would you describe tonight’s win?

TB: How do I describe it? Happy we won. Happy to get to 6-0. Yeah, we just ground it out pretty good. Got kind of forced into one grouping there in the second half. I don’t think that’s ever happened in 20 years, but defense played great, special teams played great. Outside of a few plays, it would have been pretty good. So, we’re hanging in there.

Q: Can you describe what happened on the interception?

TB: Bad decision. It was a bad decision, trying to squeeze it in there.

Q: You already have 1,000 yards rushing on your resume. Are you going to add goal-line ‘back to that after your two scores tonight?

TB: I know. We were low on some bodies and had some opportunity there, so we tried to just get it in.

Q: When you are forced into one grouping, what is your mindset? We saw you hit rookies Jakobi Meyers and Gunner Olszewski, but what is your mindset when you’re limited like that? 

TB: I thought guys just kind of refocused. It’s a short week anyway, so there was kind of a lot of – we didn’t have real practices but a lot of walkthroughs, and then you’ve just got to make adjustments. So, guys kind of just filled in. We knew weren’t going to have Phillip [Dorsett] tonight after whatever, yesterday or two days ago, and then Josh [Gordon] got hurt. So, yeah, just dealing with kind of what everyone else deals with this time of year, a lot of injuries and attrition and so forth. So, it was good to win.

Q: Might it bode well or build some confidence for those younger players down the road to have to come through like they did tonight?

TB: Yeah, I hope so. Yeah, for sure. I mean, anytime you can get in there and play – you know, they made some really good plays, so happy with what they did. That was great contributions and real happy for those guys.

Q: You’ve talked in the past about how difficult it is for first-year wide receivers to learn this playbook. How do you see those guys coming along on a day-to-day basis? 

TB: Yeah, they’re working hard at it, and I appreciate all their efforts. When you’re a young player – I mean, I always said when I was young, I just was trying to be on time and not forget my playbook anywhere. These guys are kind of in a different role than that. They’re playing in games and contributing. So, again, I’m happy for those guys to come in there and help us win a game. That’s what we needed. Anyone who’s on the active roster has to be ready to go. So, it was just good for those guys to catch some balls and gain some confidence.

Q: Was the wind affecting passes much tonight?

TB: Not for me, no. I mean, yeah, a couple, I think. There was a few directions where it affected more than others, so yes.

Q: What’s your assessment of where you guys are as an offense right now? Do you think it’s been good enough?

TB: We’ll see. We’re 6-0, so try to get to 7-0.


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