Nestled between Milwaukee and Green Bay, Sheboygan, Wisconsin sits as a gateway to Lambeau Field. For fans of the Raiders arriving, it could serve as an oasis point during your trip. With a prime location, fans of the Silver and Black will probably drive through on their way to Lambeau. After living here over fifteen years as a Raiders fan, life is interesting.

The 60-40

Without a doubt, the overwhelming rooting group in Wisconsin are Packers fans. Well, we’re in Wisconsin and that goes without saying. However, to their credit, the majority of Packer Backers are loyal and know the game of football to an extent. They will objectively critique their team. yet, conversely, the stans exists. That is to say, the population that are blindly loyal to their tram. They use old, stereotypical tropes about the Raiders ” they’re criminals”, but fail to realize the number of Packer player arrests. On the other hand, the knowledgeable can break down a defense, explain scheme, and discuss the strengths and weaknesses. When you encounter these fans, talk to them.

The Oasis

Chances remain that I will be enjoying the game from Four of a Kind. Six years ago, the Ranieri family purchased the establishment. From that day on, football fans flock to the bar for drinks and food. However, what makes the bar stand out is the service and atmosphere. First, how many bars do you know

 with clean bathrooms. Most bar bathrooms in this town look like crime scenes. The Ranieris offer unparalleled service and the place is usually packed. If you flew into Milwaukee and are driving to the game, stop in.

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Bitter Memory

If we reflect back to the 2007 meeting between the two teams. On a 18-degree January day, the Raiders marched into Lambeau. After cutting the lead to 14-7 at the half, the Raiders failed to score again. When I see Will Blackmon on Twitter, I cringe. First, I remember him running into traffic to field a punt, taking it 57 yards for the score. Later, after Tim Dwight fumbled a kickoff, Blackmon recovered the ball in the end zone. As a result, Will Blackmon personally outscored the Oakland Raiders in a regular season NFL game. My heart sank as I remembered all of the noise I talked at work the Friday before. In hindsight, yapping about an 10-2 team, while the Raiders entered at 4-8 will never stand as my finest moment.

Mutual Enemies

Despite the upcoming game, the fanbases share a mutual dislike for the same NFL teams. The Patriots receive the RaiderNation’s ire for the Tuck Rule. On the other hand, the Packer faithful dislikes Tom Brady, to the point that Brady Derangement Syndrome actually exist. I thought the Raiders despised him, but I was wrong. Next, due to the influx of Texans to Wisconsin, the Cowboys remain the archrival. Granted, the Bears play in the same division. Yet, they’re about as much of a rival as a nail to a hammer.


Whether you root for the Raiders and Packers, this game should be an enjoyable one. From a fan’s point of view, these teams are non-conference opponents that rarely play. Yet, each fanbase will definitely want this win. However, the folks at Lambeau tend to treat visitors well, provided they do not cheer for the Eagles. Given these points, if you are a member of RaiderNation, on your way to Lambeau, roll through Sheboygan.

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