Remember when the Buffalo Bills were listed as 17 point underdogs against the Minnesota Vikings last season? This spread was made after two disgusting consecutive losses in the first two weeks. The beat down of the Vikings where Josh Allen proved the naysayers wrong showed that the spread is never right. The Bills ended up winning 27-6.

Going up against the Dolphins (0-5), the Bills (4-1) are a 16.5 point favorite for this game and could you say that is too much? With the way the Dolphins are performing this year, it is hard to argue. The Bills defense has been stomping down on opponents this season and the offense has been able to capitalize on the key moments.

This Bills team is different than past years. History shows that the games that should have been winnable on paper, the team fails in the end and suffers a heartbreaker. Heading into week three against the Cincinnati Bengals, fresh off two back-to-back road wins, the Bills were facing a trap game. They came out on top late in the fourth quarter.

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Never Take an Opponent Lightly

This Dolphins team maybe one of the worst teams in the history of the NFL. The tanking process has been unsettling at times because of the results that are being produced. Is it safe to say that with a loss to the same-level Washington Redskins means that they have not chance at any game this season? You can make a case for it.

Although, the Bills still cannot allow any type of mistake still. With it being a division game and with the part of the season we are at, the Bills have pressure on them. If the Bills cannot control the entire game through four quarters, that is not a good message. Every team that the Dolphins have faced, have had complete control each week, excluding the Redskins.

What it comes down to…

The Bills offense has to simply take control and light up the scoreboard. If the offense does not at minimum get into Dolphins territory fifty percent of the time this Sunday, it should be a red flag. So, no this game should not be considered a lock for the Bills. Is it a trap game? Both sides can make a case for it, but the play on the field is what matters the most, not the lead up to Sunday.


-Brandon Ray is a Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage and covers the Buffalo Bills. Make sure to follow Brandon on Twitter at @brandon_ray79. 

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