It’s a short week for the Kansas City Chiefs, as they will play on Thursday night. Tensions are also high after back to back close losses at Arrowhead. Now, the Chiefs will need to dig deep going up against their division rival, the Denver Broncos. Following an 0-4 start, the Broncos have won back to back games. Most recently, Denver was able to shut out the Tennessee Titans on their home turf.

Historically, the Chiefs have not fared well in Thursday night contests under Andy Reid. And while the Broncos aren’t looked at as a dominant squad, they’re a team with plenty of well seasoned veterans. Kansas City knows they will see the best of guys like Von Miller, Chris Harris Jr, Emmanuel Sanders (if healthy) and others. Let’s get to know the Chiefs opponent for this week. From behind enemy lines, here is our view of the Denver Broncos.

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Mixed Bags

For the Broncos, their offense has been a Jekyll and Hyde unit week to week. There’s been weeks where they have emphasized the pass more than the run. Other weeks, it’s been the opposite. Quarterback Joe Flacco has some weeks where he is a bit more accurate than other weeks as well. The decision making is what can get questionable at times for Flacco. Furthermore, the Denver Broncos haven’t always had trouble moving the ball. The problem has been in putting points on the board. Entering this week, the Broncos are ninth in scoring offense and they have only scored a total of 10 touchdowns.

With Kansas City struggling against the run, the thing to watch will be the splits. Phillip Lindsay had an impressive season last year. Though this year, there has been an effort in giving Lindsay and Royce Freeman roughly the same portion of the pie. Lindsay has seen a little more success. Yet, the numbers show each back is turning out almost the same average yards per carry.

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Defensive Prowess

Early in the season, the Denver Broncos were not generating sacks like we are used to seeing from them. It has still not been a consistency for this defense. But in their last two home games, the defense has sacked the quarterback 11 times.

Outside of the sacks, the pass defense has been the bright spot of this team. They are currently ranked fourth in the league. Now the opposing quarterbacks they have faced may not be among the best. However, this shouldn’t be looked at as a fluke. The secondary depth behind standouts Harris Jr and Justin Simmons has always been a strength of this team. The Denver Broncos made it tough on Patrick Mahomes in their building last year. As a result, Kansas City knows they will have to get back to being efficient offensively.

Old Wisdom

We mentioned the effective veteran players of the Denver Broncos. How about their head coach Vic Fangio? Fangio has been around the NFL game for a long time. He is currently in his 32nd season as a coach at the NFL level. Though the biggest thing, is that this is his first season as a head coach. There seems to be a calmness Fangio brings to the Broncos. This calmness hasn’t been there in a while. Additionally, the team is feeling good right now behind his leadership. How often will this old dog try new tricks on Thursday night?

That will conclude this week’s version of behind enemy lines, with our view of the Denver Broncos. Be sure to stay tuned to Full Press Coverage for more great sports and NFL content.

– Braden Holecek is the Kansas City Chiefs managing editor for Full Press Coverage. He covers the NFL. Like and follow on // // and Facebook.

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