Before the season, the Raiders appeared content with their receiver corps. Yet, through player idiocy, injuries and lack of performance, Oakland needs to somehow field a competent set of wideouts. With that said, FPC Raiders writers Ray Aspuria and Terrance Biggs delve into the issues on the outside.

Why do you believe the Raiders are burning through WR? What lineup would you keep for the rest of the season and why?


Lack of foresight. The Raiders overhauled the wide receiver position in the offseason with high hopes. In the end, after the Antonio Brown debacle, Ryan Grant’s ineffectiveness and JJ Nelson seemingly made of glass, Raiders head honcho Jon Gruden and general manger Mike Mayock simply look high. Sure, one could say “you can’t predict that would have happened”. 

Oh really?

AB went from hard-working late-round pick to all-world receiver to all-world a-hole. Grant has never been anything more than a Seth Roberts clone and Nelson’s injury history is as lengthy as Vontaze Burfict’s fine and suspension list. 

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Barring any other further mishaps and injuries, the starting trio should be Tyrell Williams, Trevor Davis and Hunter Renfrow. The Raiders sprinkle in Keelan Doss and Marcell Ateman at the Z position. The starting trio give the Raiders the best mix of size, speed, and hands. Williams fills both height and wheels while Davis is a James Jett cat and Renfrow is the reliable chain mover. 


In all honesty, the Raiders failed during the preseason. Yet, this is not entirely on them. First, Antonio Brown’s issues could not be anticipated. However, cutting Keelan Doss in favor of Ryan Grant remains at near the top of the list. On top of that, Oakland needed to overpay to bring Doss back to the Bay. An undrafted free agent finessed almost 800 thousand dollars in guaranteed money. Next, JJ Nelson ahead of Marcell Ateman. Granted, Nelson possesses freakish speed. Yet, his small stature and limited route tree hurt his chances.

If the Raiders look at their current roster, Tyrell Williams and Trevor Davis need to occupy the outside. Meanwhile, Zay Jones and Hunter Renfrow should compete for the third spot. Down the chart, Keelan Doss and Marcell Atreman should round of the group. Looking at that corps, the Raiders enjoy speed, size and possession ability.

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