The Oakland Raiders having their bye week land in Week 6 means the team will be playing football for the next 11 weeks. While this may not be ideal for some, it could not have come at a better time for the Raiders.

The Raiders’ bye week splits up a grueling road trip for the team that, without the bye, would have them playing five straight games outside of their home stadium. The game against the Bears in London was technically a home game for the Raiders, but it is hard to consider a game in London in front of a stadium filled primarily with Bears fans a home game.

What also makes the Week 6 bye perfect for the Raiders is who they play in Week 7. On October 20th, the Raiders visit the 4-1 Green Bay Packers. As of October 14th, the Packers have the best record out of any team the Raiders will play this season.

While the Raiders get an extra week to recover, the have lost a day due to their Week 5 Monday night game against the Lions. Unfortunately, all we can do until Sunday is wait and speculate. Speaking of speculations, here are Grant’s Slants:

The bye week will not affect the team’s momentum.

One of the biggest questions surrounding bye weeks is whether or not the rest is more important than keeping a win streak rolling. In this case, the Raiders needed the rest. Yes, momentum has technically stalled, but after two huge road wins, having an extra week to get everything settled cannot hurt. Expect the Raiders to continue firing on all cylinders and expect playcalling to be very similar to the Bears’ game.

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It’s Hunter Renfrow time!

Through the first games of the season, the Raiders have had Tyrell Williams and Darren Waller paving the way for the passing game. During this time, Renfrow has recorded 12 catches for 101 yards. He has found success in exploiting weak spots in the opponents defense and sitting there for Derek Carr. Renfrow is quick and shifty and fans should expect the Raiders to use this extra week to get Renfrow over the 60-yard mark.

Conley’s get-right game.

Gareon Conley did not have his best game against the Bears, and some could say he got worked by Allen Robinson. With Davante Adams expected to be out, Conley will be tasked with slowing down a receiver not at the same level of Robinson. Sometimes, dominating a lesser matchup is exactly what a player needs after a rough game. Expect Conley to allow his matchup less than 35 receiving yards.

Josh Jacobs will continue rolling.

While weather is very unpredictable, there is rain in the Sunday forecast in Green Bay. Derek Carr does not throw as much as many of the other quarterbacks in the league, so maybe the weather will not influence the game plan as much. Regardless, expect another 100+ yard rushing day for Jacobs.

Raiders bring the sacks to the Pack.

By now, everyone has heard of Aaron Rodgers. The Raiders must make stopping him their top priority. The best way to slow down Rodgers is to not allow him to throw the ball. Expect the Raiders to bring the pressure and record 3 sacks. Coincidentally, expect the Raiders to keep Carr clean and upright by not allowing a sack.

Raiders win in Lambeau.

In their last two games, the Raiders have been underdogs. Also, in their last two games, the Raiders have not lost. The Raiders have figured out their gameplan, and expect them to execute it to success.

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