When the Raiders drafted Clelin Ferrell fourth overall, expectations immediately set in.any envisioned him as a plug and play end with double-digit sack potential. More importantly, many touted him as the most polished prospect at edge. Despite lower picks enjoying success, the Raiders stick by their decision. Yet, after four games, can you legitimately question and criticize Ferrell? To answer this, FPC writers Ray Aspuria and Terrance Biggs sit down to discuss.

Despite his draft position and only four games played, people are questioning Clelin Ferrell’s ceiling, is this fair? 


It’s fair based off of where he was selected. Of course Nick Bosa would be terrorizing. He was the No. 2 overall pick. But watching lower first rounders like Brian Burns and Montez Sweat carve out a pass-rush role is a bit disconcerting. 

Ferrell was advertised as the best all-around defensive end prospect as he was a stout run defender and violent pass rusher. That hasn’t translated to the NFL game, for what ever reason. 

Much is made of the Raiders moving him from end to tackle on the inside, yet, the 49ers are doing the same with Bosa and he’s wrecking opposing offenses. 

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The ceiling was always high with Ferrell, but the floor was always very low. 

He’s still got the opportunity to grow into a Frank Clark type, but the early returns haven’t been optimistic. Ferrell is very much looking more like Tyler Brayton instead of Derrick Burgess or even Kamerion Wimbley did as Raiders. 


Of course, criticism is fair, as long as there is context. Ferrell heard his name called fourth. With that, people want to see dominance. Granted, no one expected Khalil Mack, and any comparison to him remains flawed. First, Mack was a linebacker with the ability to play end. in contrast, Ferrell is an end that can reduce inside on passing downs. Plus, their skill sets do not compare.

Ferrell, to this point, struggles to get home. In 130 pass rushing snaps, Ferrell tallied ten pressures. That is to say, he cannot generate meaningful pressure on a regular basis. Now, after four games, no one in their right mind should label him a bust. However, rational critique should always remain an option with the Raiders.

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