AEW Dynamite Recap: October 9, 2019

AKA The One Where The Tag Teams Shine


  • SCU(Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian) def. Private Party via pinfall
  • Santana and Ortiz def. Alex Reynolds and Johnny Silver via pinfall
  • Lucha Bros def. Jungle Express via pinfall
  • Riho(c) def. Britt Baker via pinfall
  • “Hangman” Adam Page and Kenny Omega def. PAC and Jon Moxley via pinfall
  • Chris Jericho(c) def. Darby Allin via submission

Match of the Night: “Hangman” Adam Page and Kenny Omega vs PAC and Jon Moxley

Clearly this is my favorite match of the night. These four talents are my favorite in AEW. I’ve been a Moxley mark for ages and even met him at a gas station before. Heck of a wrestler and is a future world champion. I didn’t know much about Hangman before AEW but he’s quickly become one of my new favorites. Everybody knows Kenny Omega. He’s the best bout machine. Can’t go wrong with him. Now onto PAC. I didn’t watch much of WWE when he was there, but what I saw was fantastic wrestling. He is another future world champion, as are all of these guys, and is probably the best heel in the business aside from Jericho.

This match had amazing chemistry between all four of these guys and was really fun to watch. It was cool to see Moxley give PAC the double birdie and show how far AEW is willing to go in their TV-14 rating. Can’t wait to see Moxley vs PAC next week and then Moxley vs Omega at Full Gear.

Three Thoughts

Allin is the Future

Darby Allin once again proved that he is an amazing wrestler. He had an amazing match against Jericho and really made me believe that he could beat him. Now, he is young. He has a lot of work to do and needs to continue to get over with the fans. I do believe, however, that in a few years he will be the AEW World Champ. I could also see him being the first holder of the AEW midcard championship when they introduce it. He is a workhorse wrestler and would bring prestige to the title and have fantastic matches while defending it.

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I Don’t Get Riho

Call me a hater all you want. Britt Baker should be the AEW Women’s Champion. I don’t really understand why she isn’t. Although Riho is great in the ring, there isn’t much to her character. I also just don’t see what their long term is with her. Hopefully Britt gets the title soon.

Tag Team Wrestling

AEW has really focused on tag team wrestling. Tonight we had an overall four tag matches, and there were only six matches on the card. It’s obvious that tag teams are a weakspot in WWE, so AEW is trying to expose that and take advantage of it. If only they could fix the Universal Championship.

Grade: A-

As you can see, I don’t have many takeaways from the show. There wasn’t much tonight that I didn’t already know, and there also wasn’t much storytelling build. The matches were great which is why it get’s the A. That’s pretty much all I have for this episode.

One More Thing

There was no MJF this show. I’m officially upset.

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