People regard Lambeau Field and Aaron Rodgers as football institutions. With that said, the Raiders need to ignore the luster and combat each issue. On Sunday, no reputations and legacies matter. However, Lambeau remains a tough spot to play.On top of that, Aaron Rodgers possesses one weapon in his arsenal that causes nightmares. With the inflection of his voice, he induces the defense to jump offsides. FPC Raiders writers Ray Aspuria and Terrance Biggs discuss these topics.

Aaron Rodgers is the master of inducing offsides, which DL do you see jumping and how would you fix this?


All of them will be drawn offsides by the master. Rodgers cadence and octave don’t change when he calls for the ball and that’s supreme bait for over eager defensive lineman. 

The Raiders need to watch the center’s snapping arm as the Packers prefer to snap from the shotgun set. Eyeing the arm will solve Rodgers’ decoy barks, however, it’s easier said than done. 

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First, Rodgers will find Clelin Ferrell or Maxx Crosby. Next, he will look at them both and smile. Lastly, he will change the inflection of his voice. While rookies fall for this trick often, veterans can become victims of this move. In that case, Ray is right, look for a couple linemen to lurk in the neutral zone.

Playing in Lambeau, during a long road trip hurts, which surprise player do you see thriving and why?


Karl Joseph. The Raiders lost much-needed swag and punishment when rookie Jonathan Abram went down, but they still have the killer instinct in KJ. Joseph’s ability to create collisions will be key against the Packers’ run game and aerial onslaught. While I doubt he can cover Green Bay tight end Jimmy Graham, I know Joseph can hit the athletic pass catcher like he’s never been hit before. And that counts for something. 


Alec Ingold grew up less than an hour from Lambeau Field. He’s no stranger to the confines of the stadium. Yet, he will enter the stadium as a pro. Above all, to stem the Packers’ rush, the Raiders need him to make them pay. More importantly, Ingold’s versatility will help the Raiders on offense. Yet, for him, the draw of the moment will make Ingold stand out.

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