Front office flounders as Williams calls their bluff

The Trent Williams saga may soon be coming to a close. Rumors began to fly around social media late Tuesday afternoon that the All-Pro left tackle was involved in a trade with Cleveland. Nothing formidable has happened or been reported as of the writing of this article

If Washington intends to trade Williams in the near future, they need to do it immediately. Williams is a depreciating asset at this point due to a number of factors: he’s already over thirty years old, he hasn’t been healthy, he is tied to a hefty contract, and he doesn’t appear to have any desire to return to the team.

I would imagine that Williams made it clear to the front office in May or June that he won’t be returning to Ashburn.  This emphasizes the ignorance and ineptitude of the organization that he wasn’t traded at that point. If Trent is in fact not going to return under any circumstance, then this trade should have happened before training camp.

The longer he sits out, the more apparent it is to other teams that he wants out of Washington.  This then lessens the organization’s leverage in trade negotiations.

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A trade needs to happen quickly

The only way that Williams’ value could potentially rise is if multiple teams enter into a bidding war.  Something I don’t envision happening due to the conditions I previously listed.

I find it incredulous that there is an assumption that the team could yield anything more than a third-round pick.  There is always going to be the flashy trades like the recent Jalen Ramsey deal. But the fact needs to be faced that Trent Williams is no longer a commodity in the league.

Labeling Williams’ as a top five tackle holds the same sentiment as saying Jordan Reed is a top five tight end. The bottom line is this: lack of availability drains a player’s value immensely.  No matter the circumstances.  Which is why I think it would be rational to take the best offer for Williams.

The only way the team can screw up the situation completely is if Trent Williams is still a Washington Redskin following October 29th’s trade deadline.

Washington’s front office has a tendency to ignore windows of opportunity.  A quick deal would not only be beneficial to the team, it would also provide a sense of relief to an impatient fan base.

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