The Raiders do not lose many games where the factors that led to the loss are so visible. It appeared that the Raiders left their defensive energy in London as Aaron Rodgers torched the team for six total touchdowns and 429 yards. The Raiders offense performed well as a whole and racked up more total yards than the Packers (484-481).

All in all, the defense could not stop a tumbleweed.  While complaints about the embarrassing defensive effort remain valid, another finger needs to find the offensive mistakes as well. I appreciate Derek Carr’s effort and intensity as much as the next guy. Yet, this is not the first time he  fumbled in that situation. One might think he would have learned from the first time, but apparently not.  The game against the Packers stung, but there is a lot to be taken away from the game.

Trent Brown

Derek Carr was spoiled through the first five games of the Raiders’ season. But with Brown out, the right side of theRaiders’ offensive line struggled, especially David Sharpe, Brown’s backup. The Raiders still did not allow a sack today, but that was mostly Carr’s doing. Carr was very aware that the pockets were closing quickly and did his best to get the ball out quicker.


When in his zone, Aaron Rodgers is the best in the game. Rodgers could do no wrong today and had a perfect passer rating to show for it. Yes, the Raiders’ defense is not great, but Rodgers shredded them.

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Secondary Problems

Gareon Conley looks lost. It is hard to tell whether or not Conley gave up later in the game. It is truly disheartening to watch this happen, as some viewed Conley as one of the best up and coming corners in the league this offseason. Conley has had back to back rough starts, and the outlook for next week is not looking great with the Texans on the horizon.


Statistically, Derek Carr had his best game of the season, without Tyrell Williams. Sure, 11 of Carr’s 22 completions went to tight ends, but with only six incompletions, Carr did what he could with who he had. Carr threw for a season-high 293 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception. Situational speaking, Carr did not do as well as his stats show. Carr had two red zone turnovers, which if turned into touchdowns, would have kept the game within four points.

Treading Water

3-3 is not the end of the world. At the beginning of the season, I know most fans would love a 3-3 record. On top of that, many fans declared a 7-9 record passable. Even with the loss today, the Raiders are still only two games out of first place, with a much easier stretch ahead of them coming in the next few weeks.

This game was certainly a learning experience, but with countless injuries and reports the Raiders will be buying at the deadline, the team can only improve from this game.

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